Regiena's Books

by Regiena Heringa

Spiritual Stories for the New World is a collection of twelve illustrated short stories, each about three pages in length, for readers of all nationalities between the ages of 10 and 110. Set in a natural environment of forest, mountains and meadowlands and imbued with an air of imagination and wonderment, these tales inspire the reader to contemplate certain virtues which are found in everyday life. Through poetic imagery, author Regiena Heringa sets the stage in these stories for the many unusual adventures which are lived by various characters of all ages.

These tales encourage the reader to learn more about how to live in an atmosphere of personal and social respect and gentleness. For example, in the story The Twins and the Sacred Forest, two young brothers come to the understanding that they cannot command the world with hatred, but rather with forgiveness and love. In Silveera’s Heart, a tale of misunderstanding between a young couple, the reader is asked to consider tolerance and understanding in relating to others. In Paulus and the Honey Bee, the themes of service and encouragement are explored. The younger reader will discover that the book Spiritual Stories for the New World fuels their imagination and establishes a comfortable environment for discussion and exploration. For the older reader, this collection will favor a more in-depth study of the language presented to solicit pertinent discussions on the many aspects of noble living.

This collection of short stories is presently being read and discussed in several Canadian schools. Illustrations are by Maya Heringa, visual artist, living in British Columbia, Canada.

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