Spiritual Stories for the New World

Théa’s Voyage (pdf format)

Théa’s eyes were opened earlier than usual in her dwelling at the edge of the forest as it slowly warmed up to another pink and yellow spring sky. It was the sense of adventure nestled within her sleepy mind that had pushed itself upwards to awaken her. Slipping out of her bed as quietly as the brush of a butterfly wing against a leaf, she felt the need to visit the lake again. Again, it had become a habit which she could not explain.

Yet today would be different.

She tiptoed down the dew-filled path not wanting to disturb the myriad of creatures living there and sat down at the flower-filled edge of the water. She opened her heart to praise the glory of Creation and then let her gaze fall onto the golden shallows of the lake in front of her. There it was, a perfectly shaped pearl the size of her fingernail, out of place, yet feeling much at home in this tranquil and holy place. It was waiting to be chosen.

With inner excitement, Théa dipped her hand into the gracious, cool water and felt the pearl immediately warm up between her fingers. The adventure had begun.

As the pearl sat in her hand drying in a sun which rose without haste, a blue light began to radiate from it. One very powerful blue ray was moving upwards towards the heavens and a second ray, its twin, was moving downwards through her hand into the earth. The tingling in her hand made her realize that a great power far beyond the understanding of humanity had opened itself up to her.

Théa knew that she could easily voyage this light by simply closing her eyes and opening her mind as wide and as high as possible. The question was which ray would she choose? Because she was somewhat familiar with the stars having seen them in the night sky, she decided to explore the greater unknown, the blue ray moving into the earth.

And that is what she did. Within moments, she felt herself traveling with great ease and simple delight through the groaning crust of the earth and its hot liquids to land in a beautiful region of tropical flowers and plants all of whom were drinking in the light of a glorious sun of gentle radiance. She was astounded to discover that a perfect land existed under her very feet.

Peoples of all races, sizes and colors came to greet her with generous smiles. Like many others who had visited this inner sanctuary previously, (Théa was not first traveler) she felt she was being enveloped in a comfortable cloak of blessings.

She stayed in this refuge of perfection for a long time wishing to learn more and yet knowing that her love for learning would never be satiated. She cultivated a deep friendship with a very tall being of blue skin whom she loving nicknamed “Rom-Fine” meaning “up high” in the ancient tongue. It had been Rom-Fine who had beckoned her through the pearl so that her purpose upon the earth could be revealed. This purpose he whispered to her through images on the final day of her visit as they were seated among the shimmering flowers of unknown origin.

The whispering complete, Théa found herself once again at the edge of the lake, the pearl gone. For a long moment she sat with distant, deep eyes and contemplated what Rom-Fine had said, “Always remember, Théa, that beings upon the earth have one great purpose to their existence which is to realize that true life is the expression of perfect liberty. This perfect freedom can only be experienced when you know that in the many worlds and dimensions there is only the One Power, One Light, One Thought and One Expression and that the foundation of this Oneness is Love. Like the bird without a nest, the human without Love loses direction.”

Unconsciously nodding in the understanding of Rom-Fine’s words, Théa looked around the golden and calm lake, realizing how much more important her life was than she had imagined, and skipped back to her dwelling in the forest. The fragrance of the pines was very welcoming. Her hands glowed with the blue memory of the pearl and she knew that she loved and that she was loved. The universe was a treasury of millions of diverse life forms and expressions all held together by the one perfect hand of Creation.

Regiena Heringa


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