Spiritual Stories for the New World

Ardenea and the Star of Life (pdf format)

Not many people in the forest, mountains and meadowlands found sleep that night. The sky had been uneasy since dusk. As the moon softly slipped by in the high darkness of the midnight hour, a star came traveling towards the land. Its bright and perfect light skimmed over the restless country and stopped near the foothills above a cool, damp meadow which hours earlier had been graced by a family of deer. There was a sacred silence surrounding the star and throughout the area people began to awaken from a thin sleep.

One of those awakened was a young girl whom the elders in the land had named “Ardenea” which in the old tongue means “of golden touch.” Ardenea had been found as an infant in the foothills of the mountains of mauve and had been gently carried to a childless couple who lived in a small stony dwelling close by. There she was brought up on the deep love of those who realized that she was a gift from Creation. With compassion she would listen to others and heal the sick, shying away from any mention that she was responsible for the healing. At times she would “know” of things to come and see colors around people’s bodies. To her it was as normal as walking and singing. She especially enjoyed the whisperings of a sweet voice in her heart. Although she could not explain it to the other villagers, Ardenea knew she was always accompanied by those of other worlds.

Her heart quivering with excitement, Ardenea got up quickly and quietly. She had waited patiently so long for this moment and now it was here. She pulled in a long breath from the air surrounding her rocky home and then ran down the path she knew so well to greet the starlight.

The distance was longer than she realized, but that only made the moment sweeter. The star, silver and gold, seemed to smile at her. It sent out a long, elegant ray into the heavens and six other stars suddenly appeared and encircled it. “A crown of light surrounding the star of life,” she thought to herself excitedly as she continued on. In approaching the lighted meadow, her pace slowed.

Ardenea, in her enthusiasm, didn’t realize that others had been awakened and had followed her down to witness this marvelous contact in the meadow. She looked around her. Inhabitants from the forest, the mountains and the meadowlands had gathered together to make one perfect circle around the star of life which shone down on the sleeping flowers below. Peoples from various origins, in awe and in reverence, stood silently with open hearts and minds to witness the sacred event.

“Ardenea,” spoke a vibrant voice from the star above. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she answered sweetly and strongly. “I have always been ready.” As she spoke the young girl moved inside the circle created by the peoples of the land and stood under the light of the star. At once a blue, shimmering globe was placed into her open hands. Eyes and mouths gaped in amazement. Ardenea smiled at the community around her and explained: “This is your earth, a blue and white jewel spinning with majesty in the universe. Your planet and your people are much loved by many who live in a multitude of star systems and who come here to visit, to teach and to learn. Deep within each one of you vibrates the star of life. If you live in love and honor for all of Creation, you will continue to bring forth the light and beauty of your star. You are the creators of your world and it is your heritage and your destiny to become complete in this Light of the Universe.”

There were so many questions that the peoples wished to ask. But the stars were beginning to move away. Already the circle of six had disappeared. The great star of life, carrying Ardenea within itself flew up and away radiating pulsating lights of the spectrum as a final salute to the astonished peoples below.

No one moved for a long while. When small groups finally began to form and travel homewards, the darkness was giving itself up to the warm glow of the morning. Each individual was lost in thought. Hearts and minds had been opened and victory was on its way.


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