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The Story of Creation (pdf format)

The shimmering, sacred forest of Mareithia lay with its heart full open amidst the fairylike apple blossoms of a late spring day. This holy abode could bring forth from its powerfully mystical nature any season, for it vibrated beyond all time. Today the air gaily sprinkled forth the scent of fresh newborn blooms as the sky generously gave to the earth below an elegant arc of multicolored mist.

All lay in waiting.

A special event was to occur; one that came so rarely. In fact Thea, who lived at the edge of Mareithia and who had once visited wondrous people within the earth had been preparing herself since yesterday. Now she was ready. Her mind was loving and strong, her body was clean and healthy and her spirit trembled in perfection, continuously in tune with the Glory of Creation and its Creator.

The event was to take place at the edge of the lake of gold which lay in the very centre of Mareithia. All the inhabitants of this living and splendid forest had been promised the story of creation and that promise was now to be honoured.

With reverence and with smiles, all the beings who lived in Mareithia and all those visiting from afar gathered around the golden lake. With great expectation of wondrous things to come, they found a comfortable place at the flower-filled edge of the water. Those who watched from the multicolored arc above observed the sparkling light of so many types of beings encircling the entire lakeshore. Their individual radiance shone so true that, from above, the lake of gold seemed to be decorated with a necklace of rare illuminated pearls. There were human forms the size of one’s middle finger, others the size of young trees, beings of transparency, and beings of blue skin. Every so often between these great beings one could pat the gentle companions of the forest: small furry animals, birds of exquisite hue and “soonshows” which in the ancient tongue means “without boundary.” These pure white animals, although similar to the baby deer of the earth, had an added characteristic. Soonshows felt equally at home in water, on land and in the air.

When all were seated comfortably, the sky suddenly turned a deep blue; several stars appeared and the lake of gold began to glow from deep within. All eyes were fixed on one point in the middle of the water. From beneath its very centre a fountain of molten gold arose and a great voice spoke above the gathering, “Today I will tell you the story of creation upon your world.”

As she spoke, the liquid gold hung suspended over the lake to await her command. “Look carefully and you will see a perfect golden sphere being formed over this water. This is the first movement of creation upon your earth.” The fountain obeyed. A magnificent golden orb formed and stood immobile and majestic over the water’s surface.

The multitudes nodded and murmured with admiration. It was indeed very beautiful. The great voice continued. “Each one of you has this perfect sphere inside, for it never fades nor tarnishes. Watch,” she commanded.

Suddenly the great golden sphere burst into thousands upon thousands of smaller orbs all perfect and luminous. Quickly each small sphere opened itself up to show its physical form. Those surrounding the lake gasped in awe and in pleasure. Although many of the material forms were unknown to them, each being around the water could identify his or her own physical body within a sphere. They recognized themselves, there in a lit ball above the surface of the water as if a mirror had been placed in front of them.

“Each individual upon this earth is a material manifestation of light. This light is forever perfect and originates from within the Glory of Creation,” explained the musical voice. “Without the creation of all things through this light, life upon this planet could not be. In blessed Mareithia, for you who live here and you who visit here, the material form kneels down to the supreme power of the light form, for that is the true order of the universe. However, outside of Mareithia in the meadowlands and the mountains and lands beyond, some inhabitants have reversed the order. And this has created separation and unhappiness.”

As many of the guests seating around the periphery of the lake had travelled beyond the forest, their heads nodded in agreement and their hearts opened even further in compassion for the outside world.

The voice continued on joyfully, “There will soon come a time when the lands outside blessed Mareithia will be invited to reunite once again in fellowship with this holy abode. It is your task to assist those in the outside world to understand this. Will you help?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, all the great and brilliant beings gracing the edge of the golden lake stood to their feet in affirmation. The animals jumped with surprise and delight. The minds and hearts of all were overwhelmed with the desire to be of such service. In unison they began to sing to the beauty of the universe and many voices from the higher worlds joined in gladly chorus. The thousands of individual spheres of light melted together to form a giant vortex of brilliant gold which began to rotate powerfully above the water. As all continued to sing to the Glory of Creation, the massive swirling vortex transformed into a great ball of gold, rose up to illuminate the sky and melted into the multicolored mist.

The voices of many nations reverberated throughout the forest. “Let the world become whole so that once again peace may reign as a prince among all the peoples of the earth.”

Regiena Heringa


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