Spiritual Stories for the New World

Tobias (pdf format)

All the inhabitants slept in deep and quiet peace. In the meadowlands, the foothills and the mountains of mauve, even far beyond the vast sea, the peoples slept sweetly under the velvet cloak of midnight blue. Far away, the sacred and shimmering forest of Mareithia, majestic in its vibrant night light, whispered gently into the souls of the sleeping while noble beings from higher worlds moved their angelic thoughts in love and protection throughout the lands and the peoples therein.

Within this calm and deep night breath, there was one individual, one saddened person who surfaced from sleep just before dawn, when the world is at its darkest point. Tobias, a young boy, not yet a man, awoke with widening eyes, realizing that he had just had a dream which he knew to be of great importance, but which he could not really understand. It left him with an overwhelming feeling that his life was to change.

Quietly, without disturbing his slumbering mother who lay in the same small room, one of two which made up the grass-and-rock dwelling, Tobias slipped out to breathe the quiet air and to observe the fireflies dancing near and far. As he gazed upwards to admire the brilliant stars in the heavens, he realized with a short smile that in this darkness there was little difference to be seen between the twirling fireflies above the dampened earth and the stars twinkling in the silent sky. It was a perfect moment and had Tobias been more at peace with himself he would have realized that his musing was accurate.

It had all started several years ago when Tobias was very young just learning how to walk upon the worn stone path in his village. Even at that early age he knew his destiny was to be of importance to the world. But he could not define it. And so with time there grew within him a conflict between the knowing that he had a mission upon this planet and the frustration that he could not understand it. From this frustration grew an impatience which soured into apathy and finally into sadness.

He looked about him again. It was all so small! The village, the dwelling, the inhabitants! Often times the boy would have such grandiose and noble thoughts touching humanity and then, not understanding them, with cold frustration would roll them up into a small ball and discard them.

But this dream had been different. It stayed with him and opened up a feeling of curiosity. It refreshed him and for the first time in a long while Tobias felt excited. As he allowed this exquisite feeling to take over that something wonderful and new was soon to take place within him, his whole being began to greet a greater world. In forgetting himself Tobias had allowed freedom to enter his mind and his heart.

The moment was so powerful that he needed to sit down and gropingly found a small clump of short grass. All was becoming so different! The light of the stars and of the fireflies had become so bright and seemed to weave in and out of each other! Then suddenly he felt a gentle touch on his right shoulder of someone who loved him so very much. It was a strong, powerful touch of someone away from the earth. Tobias felt no fear for this love was so intensely pure that he wanted only to open himself up to receiving it completely. He thought he would burst with joy. The night air became blessed with a sweet fragrance which tumbled to the ground as a strong and exacting voice spoke from somewhere undefinable. “Why do you struggle so Tobias? Why do you not simply acknowledge and accept the truth that you have an important role to play upon the earth? If you do so, you will begin to feel peace. It is peace which will give you power, conviction and direction.”

“But,” replied the exalted boy, “I don’t understand my role. How can I accept something I cannot understand?”

The voice seemed to smile as it answered, “Do you understand the stars and the galaxies, Tobias? Do you understand why birds fly in certain patterns or how life begins?”

“No,” said Tobias more humbly.

“Yet,” continued the sweet, clear voice, “you believe in the stars and the birds and in life do you not?”

Tobias simply nodded his head in reverence and in agreement.

“Although the physical world may seem complex, it is a simple outpouring of one great truth. This truth is Love. Love yourself and all of creation and you set yourself free. Let go of that which binds you and your great purpose upon the earth shall be revealed to you. It is only in the letting go of something small that something greater can be given.”

As these words were spoken, Tobias felt his world renewed. It was not that the village was small, but rather that he had grown. He would no longer consider his life as a limitation but rather as an expansive experience. This filled him with happiness and a new determination moved within him.

The young boy sat undisturbed upon the grass and just as the darkness began to fall away, long after the fireflies had found their beds, he raised his head to the heavens. For a flicker in time Tobias thought he saw the movement of a beautiful being fading within the gold mist of the brightening sky. Although he could not understand how she could be there, he knew that her visit had been true.

The call of the first awakened bird reminded the young boy that his mother would soon be up. It was time to return home and to contemplate a new way to be.

Regiena Heringa


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