Notes from the Light - July 2017

Material and Nonmaterial Holograms and Light — Part One

The holograms—interfering beams of light—which you perceive in your world are more extensive and complex than you can presently imagine upon your planet.

Although all houses the structure of Light which seems to appear in a visible world as solid matter, the nature of this Light is highly refined and multi-dimensional. In truth, Light has no boundary and remains indivisible. We speak here of Divine Light. This Light, inhabiting physical matter, can mould physicality into specific structures which you then observe and experience in lower vibratory fields such as your earth.

You may ask, “How can Divine Light be brought into the structure of the material world? Is there then light of a spiritual nature and light of a mechanical or material nature?”

To answer these questions, we would state the following: everything in your material world is imbued with spiritual Light. This Light can be seen by those in your world who employ a higher vibrational language. Hence, within every particle of vibrating matter in your world lies a perfect core of Divine Light (See Notes from the Light, October 2013 The God Particle Part One and November 2013 The God Particle Part Two). In a manner of speaking, this spiritual Light creates the physical light which you witness upon your planet. Hence, material light is suffused with spiritual Light.

Your people have the ability to produce material holograms based on interfering patterns of physical light. However, there are other types of holograms which exist in the higher vibrational worlds directly created from spiritual Light where no interference is required. These spiritually founded holograms can only exist and be maintained in the higher frequencies. Hence, there are individuals upon your earth who, through their devotion to spiritual living, have effortless access to these more refined creations of Light.

Kindly comprehend that the technological advances in your world, including the creation and the ensuing study of holograms, are limited to the material world. No matter how magical these technological results seem to you, they remain a part of a physical dimension wherein you dwell but not wherein your true existence vibrates. Your true existence vibrates within spiritual Light.

As the people upon your earth open up with goodwill and expanded minds, the divinely unified cosmic consciousness found in all matter, non matter, dimensions and universes naturally opens up within your inhabitants. Here they may experience higher expressions of refined holographic worlds, be they of colour, sound, form, fragrance or articulation in languages beyond your present comprehension.

Why is this subject important to you as a sacredly emerging civilization?

These magnificent holograms of spiritual Light, accessed by enlightened individuals upon your planet, transmit a transcendent language which is dedicated to helping those wishing to unfold to their spiritual nature. These holograms remind your people that they are becoming once again whole and perfect within the very essence of the Creator. No matter its turbulence, your world is advancing towards the splendid refinement of other worlds, holograms and civilizations.

Material and Nonmaterial Holograms and Light Part Two will be presented in Notes from the Light August 2017.

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