Notes from the Light - November 2013

The God Particle (Part Two)

Many years ago upon your planet, a vibrant and harmonious civilization followed the spiritual principles of the Divine Creator. Every thought, act and creative endeavour was a perfect emanation from God—First Cause. Beings in this civilization, although third-dimensional by choice, were not bound by any specific articulation of physicality. They enjoyed the freedom of experiencing other ways of thinking and doing, remaining fully attuned to the God Particle—this sacred and perfect link between the inner and outer worlds.

This people came to understand that their lives, in whatever dimension they explored, were infinitely and permanently linked to the God Particle. They understood that within each bodily cell, a perfect, all-powerful light is housed which radiates to all the other perfect points of light within all other cells of that one body, mind and heart and extends outwards to all other bodies. They realized that these sacred points of Light are anchored in the great God Particle which links and which surpasses all existence. They comprehended that, as individuals, they, through their life styles, could translate the perfect inner light into outer love towards themselves and towards each other. This civilization understood that, in creating a society for the betterment and the advancement of all, the God Particle vibrating within all the cells of this community could also be fused both to the God Particle radiating from other highly developed civilizations and to the omnipresent Particle Source Itself. This resulted in a tremendous planetary and universal force of Love-in-Creation-and-Action which prompted significant scientific and technological advances for their civilization as well as for your own. We state this, for presently upon your planet there are members of this evolved civilization who continue to walk among your people to counsel and to encourage.

Thus we wish to guide your attention to the destiny of your planet. With continued dedication, you may consciously direct your world onto the path of the God Particle. Kindly contemplate the following: all the cells in your bodies—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — are founded on this sacred and eternal light of the God Particle. This same Particle is located in every other human upon your earth and in all other worlds and dimensions. This supreme Particle also lies beyond your world, vibrating Its perfection and purposefully directing all life back to Itself. As an individual awakens to the spiritual call, the light within the human begins to increase and the heart opens. Individuals then consciously realize that they are connected to something greater and an awareness of the supreme God Particle begins to stir within them. The more significant the individual’s voluntary expansion into this Particle, the more substantial the attraction of others, and the greater the potential for establishing world communities anchored in this God Force —First Cause.

This can be your personal future and your world destiny. Even in these turbulent times, the sacred light of your citizens, communities and nations increases. Through divine direction, the radiance of the God Particle is being strengthened by numerous multi-dimensional civilizations who are assisting in the advancement and the upliftment of your own earth nation.

In truth, you are being called home to join the many communities immersed in the perfection of this Particle. As you awaken and your abilities and interests arise to contribute to the upward journey of your world, kindly remember that the universal pull of the brilliant God Particle welcomes you to the Source wherein you truly dwell.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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