Notes from the Light - October 2013

The God Particle (Part One)

It is to be remembered that physical worlds have a myriad of self expressions. Your earth houses a third-dimension physicality; other worlds and existence may possess a two-dimensional or a tenth dimensional reality. To your linear perspective, the greater the dimension, the less dense its material nature. It is a little like eating a sweet. In savouring the candy your inner awareness expands and the candy itself slowly disappears! We can playfully further this example by asking you to replace the words “sweet” and “candy” with the precious words “Divine Creator.” In so doing, you glean that all worlds lie within the self.

No matter the sphere or dimension of existence, physical worlds lie within other material worlds. You, as a physical being are a tangible part of these overlapping and intertwining material universes.

Indeed here we speak only of the physical aspect of creation. As you well know, the material aspects of creation are presented to you, dear people of this fine planet, to recall that your physical projection is a reflection of your inner life as holy spirit. The more you allow yourselves to be permeated with the sacredness of the Creator, the more glorious your outer projection.

What then, is this gracious link between the inner and outer worlds that breathes harmony and divine elegance in all life? We choose to name this link The God Particle.

It is understood that in your microscopic world, physical matter may express itself in many ways: by fluctuating, changing shape, disappearing and reappearing. Seemingly, certain natural laws on your planet insist that matter remain stable and localized. However, in truth, this is not so. Even in your third-dimensional world, matter can vanish, travel, modify and re-surface. No material substance is static. All is in perpetual movement and it is the God Particle which holds the fluctuating worlds together in a harmonious whole, nourishing the interior worlds of sanctity and bridging the inner to the outer realms of life expression.

The God Particle can be perceived in your world as the ultimate point of Light embedded within your beings which emanates perfection, lovingly binds your spiritual essence to Its core and ensures the joining of all dimensions and worlds. This God Particle also lies beyond your existence, forever anchoring all life within its omnipresent Self. It can be imagined as the perfect sphere, the quintessential expression of First Cause, untouched by free will.

How then do I access this gracious Particle, you may ask?

All beings automatically live within the splendour of this God Particle.

The question to be pondered is, rather, the following: if, I unknowingly already exist within the very arms of First Cause—God — then how much more meaningful and influential will my personal and planetary life be when I consciously choose to exist and to expand within the essence of this God Particle?

In the next message, we will speak of a former earth civilization which demonstrated conscious living in this God Particle and the significant destiny of your world and its people.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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