Notes from the Light - June 2017

Manipulation from the Shadow—Victory from the Light

Do not be overly concerned with the various realities, objects and situations that seem to play havoc in your present world. There is much imitation and manipulation that is being play out upon your planet. Let us explain.

All life, material, less material and nonmaterial is founded on the exquisite and perfect force of Love. This you well know. You also comprehend that Light is the construct of Love as it emerges into a more physical expression. Hence, all existence upon your planet is constructed of Light. As individuals become more aware of their intrinsic Light structure, they increasingly absorb more Light. Thus, through feeling, thoughts and actions of Love, these individuals, while in physicality, consciously transfigure and become luminous. This deep anchoring of Love, devotion, honour and respect of the Creator and of creation also becomes your tool of discernment as those of your world attempt to imitate Divine Light and Love for manipulative purposes.

Within its spirituality, humankind is endowed with great intelligence. Fine intelligence and keen spiritual living create the perfect union to further balanced growth upon your earth. Herein lies your true equilibrium as an individual, as a nation and as a world. This balance of Spirit and High Mind forms the common ground for life within planets, galaxies and dimensions where many of us dwell.

Presently upon your world, imitation and manipulation are being observed. This is especially witnessed in the objects and actions of those inhabitants who have chosen the way of shadow. With sophisticated tools, these individuals and groups imitate and distort the spiritual and scientific expressions of life, striving to encapsulate the divinity of your people.

Hence, falsehood can now also be observed in the physical manipulation of your time and space by those who desire to control not only your planet but others in your outer space. However, as you well know, manipulation is restrained as nothing beyond a certain boundary above, around and within your planet can be touched by those who have declined the Light. As manipulation becomes more cunning, a magnificent movement takes place. Light, Will and Power of the inner sacredness of your inhabitants and of us all expand and dominate. The more acute the desire for manipulation, the more intense the outpouring of Divine Love and Force from all worlds, including your planet.

Kindly remember that, as universal beings of the one Light, you cannot be manipulated for your sacred vibrational stance cannot be captured. Let us illustrate.

Imagine that you place your hand in a container of water attempting to grasp one droplet. As the water behaves as one body this is quite difficult to do. So it is in your transformational world. The Light intensifies and, through the unified field of Love established upon and within your planet from its very conception, (see Notes from the Light April and May 2017) your people are gathering to create a resplendent ocean of spiritually intelligent frequencies, each droplet an individual expression of Divine Force. Hereby, you create a tremendous field of power and oneness founded on Love which no one, no object, no misaligned frequency can touch. This Divine field of heart and mind is not limited to your world, for your Planet Earth lies within a vast community of star systems and dimensions which vibrate to a similar frequency.

Hence, we ask you to spend time in the quiet to cultivate attunement to the higher realms of which you are a part. Serve where you are able. Be of compassionate heart and of generous mind. You are upon this earth as one people to celebrate the victory of Light within the splendid and perfect expression of Love.

Regiena Heringa


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