Notes from the Light - April 2017

Part One - Celestial Origins of the Planet Earth

Color, form, sound, idea, depth, time. There are so many ways to describe the world wherein you dwell. The attributes that categorize your daily life, your societies, world and planet have often remained limited for centuries of your time. However, in each pivotal movement of your earth life there are visitations of great visionaries, exceptional teachers of tremendous Light—perfected beings. There are times when these beings quietly and gently touch upon your earth, whisper truths to open minds and hearts, radiate love and then seemingly disappear from your world. Other celestial beings are requested by the Creator to live among you and, through guidance and teaching, remind your citizens of their own infinite and exquisite divine nature.

It would seem to you, peoples of this fine planet, that such visitations of refined and perfect beings only occasionally frequent your world. In truth this is not so.

In your earth’s beginnings, there were many and frequent visitors from the higher vibrational worlds. These visitations were to assure that your garden planet continue to be founded on the pure and infinite Love of the Creator. At that time, when your planet existed as a perfect organism, it existed simultaneously in your third dimension and in other dimensions. In the time of your perfect Earth, there was no boundary between its physical and non-physical manifestations. Hence, your earth contained many reverberations of itself. This is to state that your planet, filled with the beauty of first divine creation and inhabited by celestial beings, could choose, in accordance with the Divine Source, to create reverberating multiple earths, each less dense than the previous. This information may seem somewhat unusual to you, but kindly keep your hearts and minds open to greater possibilities as you read this message.

The perfected beings who were among the first visitors to your physical earth, simply arrived through a change in frequency. It is to be remembered that the higher the frequency, the less dense the objects you view. Moving from one location to another in a material or less dense material body is easily accomplished through high thought. Concentrated thought can specifically orient all the components of the physical body into one direction—into the God-point. From that Point the physical body can re-merge in a different material or less material position. (For more information on the God-Point, please consult the March Notes from the Light entitled: Linear Direction and the God-Point).

What was the reason for these celestial creations and visitations?

The heavenly beings who inhabited these earths could choose their experiences. This is was done through the gracious God movement of free-will and the divinely created beings rejoiced in the experiences they selected. The vibration of love and devotion found within these beings and their experiences upon your planet remains anchored, seen and felt today in your world, for this energy eternally remains. Hence, no matter what you may witness in your outer world, your earth has always resonated to an exquisite divine frequency and will continue to do so.

Why do we speak of such a subject this day? There are many reasons. Let us explain.

Although you may think that your world has been covered in darkness and that it remains immobile within a dense vibration of unbalanced thought and matter, this is not so. Your earth has never lost its heritage as a “leader world” and continues to beckon its citizens to re-establish their true identity as celestials.

Part Two - Exaltation of the Planet Earth and Its Citizens will be presented in Notes from the Light May 2017

Regiena Heringa


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