Notes from the Light - May 2017

Part Two — Exaltation of the Planet Earth and its Citizens

In our previous message (Part One - Celestial Origins of the Planet Earth), it was mentioned that your earth was visited and continues to be visited by celestial beings. This action acknowledges that your planet is a “leader world.” The elegant frequencies of these perfected beings remain with you and illustrate the possibility for your citizens to re-establish their true divine identity. The founding divine frequencies of Planet Earth have always remained and, as such, remind your citizens, that through free-will, they may consciously live their celestial origins. Let us now continue.

The angelic beings, those from the stars, and all the great masters of Divine Love and Light have never left your earth. They have been here since the very first visit and will remain, vigilant counsellors of the God-head. Hence, the purest frequencies of exquisite sound and love have never left you earth. They have forever been anchored here. This is so, for the very founding your garden planet holds a specific intergalactic, universal and cosmic importance. It is becoming once again the central jewel of your universe in all its glory, its wisdom and its Love. We say this for Planet Earth in all its beauty and turbulence is a Christed planet. It is a multifaceted and multi-expressional planet of Great Light, not restricted to a third-dimensional position.

To understand your personal interaction with your exalting earth, we invite you to reflect deeply on the following.

As you go within, into the silence and into Love Divine, you will begin to touch this Christed Earth. You will begin to understand that, although you are sitting in a chair in your room upon this planet, you are simultaneously leaving this third dimensional earth and moving elsewhere into Light. The moment you travel into this Light you are affecting your physical body—transforming it, for the higher the frequency the less dense the object. Hence, as you physically transform, you transform all around you including your chair, your room and your planet. As you are uplifted, so is your physical world uplifted. The earth remains but in a less-dense and in a more exalted and state. In a manner of speaking, you are experiencing a higher, more refined reverberation of your earth.

Your Planet Earth and all its citizens who wish to have the experience, are being uplifted, changing in density and moving into the celestial state, where the earth once was so many years ago. Meeting up with the great masters, the angelic realms and star nations, this wondrous Planet Earth will be once again be Christed and move into perfect Love. Your inhabitants will rejoice and live with the great ones of God.

Hence, continue to refine your thoughts and actions. Continue to expand in heart and in mind. Continue to comprehend that your identity as a person being is being transformed into a magnificent identity of a universal and immortal nature. Do not waver from the path, for this path now becomes illumined with much intensity and joy. Leave behind you the people who choose to place fear and falsehood into you minds and hearts for their time is ending. A new earth rejoices in all is myriad reverberations with the perfected beings and their Creator. We witness this transformative frequency within the hearts and minds of your people and with great joy we acknowledge your new earth— the original earth.

Regiena Heringa


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