The Secret Science of Life by Valiant Thor

You are now passing the end of the old order and are living in the “time of the end.” Budding Individuals and Individuals know that they have already started to live in a new day. The mass minded still exist in the old order. What they have experienced thus far is nothing compared to what they will experience in the future and this chaos is going on right now and will intensify. Millions are already passing into death and millions more will follow. Don’t be misguided that everyone who dies is mass minded or of the dark forces. Many Individuals and Budding Individuals are being called at the proper time because their work is finished. In addition, some have met untimely deaths due to improper wisdom and judgement on their parts. It is the will of the Creator that the greater universal truths are brought to the teeming millions of mass minded who constitute the majority of Earth’s population. The Budding Individual and the Individual have much work to do at this time. Wherever the White Forces can use one to a greater advantage in combating the forces of darkness both in the seen and unseen worlds, you can be sure that they will call that fortunate person. At last, in many circles, LIGHT HAS TRIUMPHED OVER DARKNESS. The forces of darkness know this to be true and are working with all they possess to keep mankind from progressing on the path.

Remember nothing is offered until asked for. You have been trained in the knowledge of the Five Departments of Life. (See Teachings of the Five-Pointed Star of Life. Continue to seek balance in your daily life remembering to use wisdom along with reason, will and judgment combined with zeal, fervour and enthusiasm. Maintain proper thinking each day.

There is a certain kind of “gold” which can’t be lost or stolen from you, without your consent. Proper food, enough liquid each day, rest, recreation, exercise, constructive thinking and proper emotions (including joy, love, happiness, zeal, fervour and enthusiasm) will result in your staying “youthful.” Compared to gold, lead is almost worthless. In a mass-minded condition, a person is spiritually, mentally and physically just “lead.” When one assumes Individuality, one transmutes the “lead” in these three departments of life into pure gold. The difference…the Individual has transmuted much “lead” into gold, expanding toward 24k. The Budding Individual has less that 14 carats of Spiritual gold in life. The mass-minded are all “alloy.”

Individuals are getting closer all the time to pure gold…a golden life. Only through the Spiritual Department of life can the transmutation be accomplished. One cannot do it by his or her self. But through the cooperation of the Spirit it can be done. It requires a supernatural force. A Budding Individual is one who has started to build up ALL of his or her departments. One must become ENTHUSIASTIC about self-improvement in every department of life. Start at once and apply all you know now. Go back over past monographs (see Spiritual Practices presented by Dr. Frank E. Stranges and Commander Valiant Thor and reread them to recall the teachings which you were given previously. Remember, to one who has learned much, much shall be given. Observe the “gold” in those further along the path. Do not seek those further behind yourself to be your “role models.” If you see something about yourself that you do not like, make that conscious decision to change that which is prohibiting you from advancing. One is never too old to start. With consistency, zeal, fervour and enthusiasm, much can be accomplished.

Do not let the seeds which have been sown in this newsletter fall on barren ground. To renew life, you must use the things which have been given to you for the benefit of all five departments. Meditate on how to apply the lessons which you have received in your life and how best to reveal them to others just starting on the path. Remember the law which says…to receive much, much must be given.

In the Millennial Age, the entire world will live filled with joy, love, life and youth. In that day, men and women will so perfectly observe the laws of The Divine that their life will span the entire 1000 years. So long as you live on Earth in the flesh, much “dross” must be transmuted into gold.

I pray a special blessing for each and every one of you.

Commander Valiant Thor

This article written by Commander Valiant Thor is taken from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link by Dr. Frank E. Stranges. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact. Thank you.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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