The Teaching of the Five-Pointed Star of Life

In order for humans to develop harmoniously in the physical world it is essential that they study, develop, and balance the five departments of Life. Once every department is developed and balanced with every other department, the individual is ready to expand all departments and thus moves into higher vibrational worlds to eventually become one with the Immortals. This is the teaching which incites an individual to move “from a clod to a god.”

These five departments are illustrated here through the image of the Five-Pointed Star of Life.

Let us look carefully at each point of your Star of Life. Remember that all points are equal.


The Spiritual point of our Star of Life asks us to acknowledge that we are within the very essence of the Divine Creator—the Great I AM. In fact we are alive because of this Great and Divine Force of Love (heart) and Light (mind) which creates and maintains all worlds and beings. The Spiritual point also invites us to recognize and to live the characteristics of this Universal Force which, among many others are: Agape (Unconditional Love) , Compassion, Generosity, Joy, Patience, Wisdom, Gentleness, Goodness, Enthusiasm, Truth, Justice and Divine Power. We are also reminded here to live by the Golden Rule: treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. All action that we take through the Spiritual point is performed with zeal, fervor and enthusiasm.


The mental point of our Star of Life incites us to develop our thoughts so that they support our Spiritual department. As a result, our thoughts are focused on people, situations, environments and things which lift us up into Life. We create and live constructive thoughts which benefit the spiritual, the intellectual and the creative growth of ourselves and all others. We must also remember that the Mental point includes reason, will and judgment as well as inspiration, intuition and genius. Consequently, in our daily living we are reminded to use all aspects of the mental department for the betterment of ourselves, all others and the Planet Earth, herself. The more we create thoughts that lift us up into Life, the more we are living in Divine Mind.


The Physical point of our Star of Life tells us that our body is a temple, the place wherein dwells the Mystic Christ. As such, we gladly accept our life in this third-dimensional world because we know that our mission as leaders, teachers and masters of Light can best be accomplished now upon our Earth through the physical temple of the Divine Creator. All of this we accomplish with joy and enthusiasm. The body-temple is the physical expression upon our earth of the Spiritual and Mental departments of Life. Consequently, we are asked to care for our bodies through proper diet and exercise.


The Social point of our Star of Life asks us to meet new people and to move into “undiscovered country” in order to expand our horizons, learn, experience and share. This Social point gives us the opportunity to walk our talk and ensures that we do not remain in a “bubble” of routine, monotony and boredom. It gives us opportunity to practice the Golden Rule. (See the Spiritual Point). We are asked here to encourage each other, to build community and to remain open to possibilities which may assist in our future growth and activity. We are also to remember that when we dialogue with the Divine Creator, our guides, angels, masters, and all other Beings of Light, we are enjoying the Social point of our Star.


The Financial point of our Star of Life asks us to meditate upon our attitude towards money. Once we realize that money allows for exchanges and opportunities to free us up to do our life’s work, then we begin to create situations for obtaining wealth. Filling in the Financial point indicates that we are rejecting the idea that “in order to be spiritual you need to be poor” and accepting, rather, the truth that we are within the very breath of the Creator and, as such, acknowledge that it is our right to be rich. We must remember, however, that there is always a balance maintained between keeping money for oneself in order to promote independence and giving money to others to help them on their way. The creative life force encourages the movement of giving and receiving because it recognizes that all energy in the material universe flows in a circular fashion. The Financial point also reminds us that although there may be times when wealth is given to us freely, we are also to follow through on any opportunity we have created which offers possibility of richness.


Now that we have examined each department closely, we can begin to fill in our Star of Life. This can become very exciting. In order to be aware of your daily actions in relation to the development of your Star of Life, take time every day to find a quiet place, close your eyes and review the day’s activities. Remember, each point must develop equally with each other point.

Let me suggest some questions to help you in your daily review. (Soon you will be modifying this list to make it more personal to your own growth.)

The Spiritual Point

Did I feel the Divine Spirit within me today?
Did I live my gifts and talents and express gratitude for my life?

The Mental Point

Did I create and foster thoughts of kindness, of goodness towards myself and all others?
Did I allow thoughts of greater vision and inspiration to come up from within me?

The Physical Point

What did I do today for my body-temple which indicates how I cherish it?

The Social Point

Did I meet people today, familiar or unfamiliar with whom I practiced The Golden Rule?
Did I learn something new? Was I a good example to others?

The Financial Point

What attitude did I carry around with me today concerning money?
What ideas did I create for obtaining more wealth?

As we become familiar with the five departments and we fill in our Star of Life, we begin to realize that these points are inter-related. For example, oftentimes we witness the mental point in all the other points. Here are three examples of the inter-twining of the five departments. I am sure you will readily find others.


If we create loving thoughts (mental) about our bodies (physical) our bodies will respond in a positive manner.

If we cultivate a constructive attitude towards wealth (mental) opportunities for abundance will be presented to us (financial).

If we feel the Divine radiance of the Creator within us (spiritual) we will attract others of like minds and like hearts (social).

As you develop all five departments of Life, you take on a greater power and tremendous well-being. What you create and put into place is solid and lasting. Others become intrigued by who you are and what you are accomplishing. You feel a greater sense of purpose and enthusiasm abounds. More and more your life’s purpose is revealed to you and because you have established a firm and symmetrical Star of Life you become highly successful in all five departments of Life.


Once you have filled in your Star of Life equally and completely, you begin to move into greater and higher realms of Life. This is done through the EXPANSION of your Star. When you begin to expand there is no more turning back and there is no end to what you can accomplish. You continue to add achievement to achievement, conquest to conquest and Life becomes a joyful, continual higher questing for greater knowledge, understanding and planetary service.


Many of us are already developing parts of our Star of Life. What we need to be mindful of is the equal development of all points simultaneously. Please remember that at every step of the way the White Forces of Goodness and Light are with us. If we show our willingness and commitment to filling in and expanding our Star of Life, our guides, angels and Friends from the many planets and systems in the universe will aid us unceasingly.

If you are interested in learning more about the five-fold path of Life —The Star of Life— I would recommend that you read Outwitting Tomorrow written by Dr. Frank E. Stranger with Valiant Thor as advisor, and which is published by Universe Publishing Company. Copies of this book can also be purchased on this web site. Please click here.

May we always continue to live, grow and develop through a deep commitment of all that is Good and Sacred


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