No More Karma by Commander Valiant Thor

(PLEASE NOTE: the "Departments" mentioned in this article refer to the five points of the Star of Life which are Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial. More information on the teachings of the Five-fold Star of Life can be found here).

The word "karma" comes from India, and it simply means "Law of Retribution" or "Law of Cause and Effect." Retribution karma is quite negative and pessimistic. For example, an eye for an eye, etc. Karma as cause and effect is not quite so negative. If cause is negative, effect will be also, but if cause is constructive, so will the effect be constructive.

Start at once with the Blue Fire. Clean and renew the mind. The Radiant yellow fire brightens the Spiritual Department but without the Blue to cleanse the mind first, you are constantly running up dead-end alleys spiritually. The average Spiritually inclined person uses little or no reason and judgment as to what he should or should not believe. The result is to become quite religious but not anything Spiritual. Watch people and learn.

A whirling dervish is most religious, and yet anything but Spiritual. To be truly Spiritual, one must have a tremendously clear mind, the ability to reason and judge deeply and correctly. The average Budding Individual has a tremendous karmic debt to pay for his years of mental inactivity, which is also Spiritual inactivity. EMOTIONALISM IS NOT SPIRITUALITY. Those people have the "do as I do or be damned" attitude. Concentrating the Blue Fire on the mind helps you to see clearly and detect anything false in the Spiritual Department. Then your experiences will be far superior to the Emotionalism of a Religion.

As you enthusiastically expand all Departments, you rapidly dissipate your karmic debt. By continuing on, you eliminate it entirely. In the Physical, you build a karmic debt by not living up to what you know is best. If you don’t know, ask to be shown and it will come to you. God and the White Forces will not do what you can do for yourself. Remember THE IRON RULE-"NEVER DO FOR OTHERS WHAT THEY WON’T DO FOR THEMSELVES." Start at once.

You knew better than to do the things that have brought about negative conditions, but sometimes you went right ahead. That’s called having your own way. The Blue Fire expands the Physical person. So it helps you to remove these miserable habits that cause you problems in the first place. Correct living eliminates karmic debt.

Once you normalize the mind with the Blue Ring of Fire, you will be able to control the other fires — red and green (health) and orange and yellow. Be careful to learn the secrets of the Blue Flame first before you employ other fires. If you are not far on the path, you could consume the Physical Department. With practice, you will begin to control the Mind and have control of the other four fires and you will begin paying of karmic debt in the additional four departments where these fires operate.

People who are over-socially inclined are filled from head to toe with an abundance of Orange fire – the anti-social have a lack of it. When you normalize the inflow of the Orange fire through the use of the Blue Fire (your ability to reason), you become justly generous with the people you deal with and you will never do for others what they won’t do for themselves. This will "hurt" the feelings of a great many of your so-called friends. The overuse of this Fire quickly builds up a karmic debts which are hard to eliminate.

Sentimental generosity builds up bad debts. You victimize people by not letting them stand on their own two feet. Anti-social behavior makes one earthbound on the path of light. The Blue Ring of Fire balances the mind and dissipates karmic debts. In the Physical, the red dominates and the green fire supplements. In the Financial, the green dominates and the red assists. In the Financial it’s not that the poor person isn’t getting enough green and red fires to be successful, but it’s the lack of the Blue Fire that quickens and clarifies the mind so that you can think clearly. The average person can’t think clearly about anything except his or her little profession (the tiny thread of Cosmic Blue Fire supplies him with just enough thinking power for this). That person will persist in a state of poverty, though one may be in a sea of green and red fire. The moment the poverty-stricken one begins to use The Blue Ring of Fire consistently and gets an expanded mentality, he or she will be amazed how much easier it is to accumulate wealth. You will "see" opportunities everywhere. ENTHUSIASM FLOWS.

The key to most of your afflictions is the Blue Ring of Fire. Through it’s proper use, the Mental Department is expanded. The other four will almost expand by themselves the moment you are able to judge and reason correctly. Practically all afflictions and troubles originate in the mind. Get it activated and renovated and you will have the wherewithal to deal with every problem. Then go ahead and do it. Life won’t become soft and uninteresting. But when you have disposed of unpleasant problems, you will have so expanded in every department of life that you will be able to choose your own problems. Then they won’t be problems at all. Consciously use the Blue Ring of Fire for every problem. Don’t try to think, reason or judge any matter, regardless of importance until you have flooded the entire brain with Blue Fire. Start at once and make this a constant practice. Then you will have convinced the subconscious to automatically bring in the Blue Ring of Fire on every occasion— especially emergencies, when you have only a split second. Consume everything in your life that is mean or negative with the Blue Flame and your future will be brighter than you can imagine.

This article written by Commander Valiant Thor is taken from a past issue of the monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link. You are invited to share this information with others, but kindly acknowledge copyright and keep this article intact. Thank you.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, NICUFO


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