Regiena Heringa - June 2024: Absorbing Higher Frequencies

Audio Exercise: Absorbing Higher Frequencies

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

When we see the beauty in a tree, or a bee or a star in the sky, we realize that there is much beauty in the world. Then, why not enter this beauty? Why remain an observer? Why not be a participant? All we need do is go inside the beauty of a star or a bee or a tree with our awareness and become one with it.

There is a careful choice to be made between being the loving observer and becoming one with that which we observe. When we wish to become one with something we use our soul’s awareness to unite with the very nature of the object. We absorb its vibration and we become one with its essence. For this reason, we need to choose wisely when we wish to remain a loving observer and when we wish to unite with an object, a person, an emotion, an idea and so forth.

Our souls are composed of Light and they vibrate in this Light which originates within the pure Love of the Creator. Our souls are, therefore, perfect and instinctively draw to themselves the beauty of our outer world.

Let us begin to absorb this divine frequency that surrounds us, penetrates us and reminds us of who we are—spiritual beings. If we sense the radiance of gentleness in a smile, let us absorb this frequency; if we sense frequency of sacredness in a piece of music, or a colour, or a word, or a person, let us become one with this vibration. As we absorb and live in a higher vibration, we automatically radiate this higher vibration to the world. Why? Because in our changing world these high, noble and sacred frequencies can no longer be held back; they must be released to ensure a more expansive and inclusive way of being.

Around, upon and within our Earth are elegant spiritual waves of energy, now replacing denser vibrations, that wish to make themselves known to us. Since the divine frequencies of this energy lie within us, let us choose them as the basis of our existence; let us absorb them, become one with them and radiate them to uplift everyone and everything our world. This is the way of Light.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and lift them up to the spiritual eye in the forehead. Let go of thought. Feel peace. You are calm and your heart is open. Realize that you are a spiritual being, living inside the Light of the Creator. Feel that you are expanding. Now, imagine a beautiful sphere of golden light shining in front of you. It is much larger than your body. Feel the magnificent radiance of love and intelligence being sent to you from this sphere. Now, gently enter this sphere of light. Sense yourself being elevated into a higher, finer, frequency. Stay here for a moment and absorb this marvellous energy and its radiance. Continue to sense oneness, love and peace. Feel that you have been renewed.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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