Regiena Heringa - May 2024: Transitioning (Part Three of Three)

Audio Exercise: Transitioning (Part Three of Three)

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

There are many beings from higher realms, other dimensions and other planetary and intergalactic systems who have been with the people of our earth for a very long time. Many of us on this earth have seen and interacted with these gracious and highly knowledgeable star beings, be it in a physical or in a transcended state. They are here now to assist each one of us in our transitioning, if we so wish it. They will help refine our frequencies and help lift us up.

For those of us orienting our lives towards a higher purpose for the good of all, an opening within our minds is being created. Perceptions of a vaster, all-encompassing reality include the knowingness that all creation pours forth from the same Light. We are divine beings, all breathing in the same Love, transitioning to a higher frequency of existence. Memories of our origins as sacred beings are surfacing from this mind-opening now being given to us. These memories are simply thoughts and activities of other lifetime experiences coming together in the present moment to illustrate that all life is One. The more we remain faithful to this inner holy vibration, the better we absorb these truths and life-expanding experiences and the deeper we realize that we are being elevated. As we vibrate inside the very heart of the Creator and creation, we are being made whole and complete.

Although we might perceive our world as linear, worlds and dimensions touch and lie within each other. Consequently, these higher consciousness beings are not bound by our concept of space and time, just as our souls are unbounded and untouched. This is why we are asked to start living from our souls. We are invited to become conscious beings of Love, to demonstrate this Love that comes up from within and to pour it out into our world and far beyond it.

Exquisite frequencies are now spreading throughout our world, creating an inner space for an awakening people to enjoy greater understanding, relaxation and renewal. Will we be trail blazers? Will we open the roads for others, just as others have done for us?

To experience the transition of this more refined frequency now being offered to us, we are asked to live on a higher plane for one day, one week, one month, one year or permanently. Here are some suggestions that have been given to us:

We are asked that every day we create only thoughts of goodness: thoughts of Love and Light, of service and compassion, and to act upon these thoughts. We are asked that every day we strengthen our inner divine self by quieting the body and mind and absorbing the inner, sacred radiance of Love that moves through us all. We are asked that every day we have loving inner conversations with our soul and our Creator. We are asked that every day we recognize and be grateful for the gifts we have been given and notice how well we use them to help the world.

Our hearts and minds were made to live in higher frequencies. We do not need to adapt; we only need to remember that we are already home.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes, open your heart and feel peace. Let this peace settle within you. Your mind is calm and open. Your breath is quiet. Feel an inner heart-warming connection with your divine Self. Now, imagine that you are standing in a beautiful field in the early morning where a few stars are still shining in the sky. Sense that a graceful star is watching you tenderly from above. Feel the light of this star as it shines down on you. Let its loving light flow gently into you from the top of your head. Let this light move through your brain and your body. It follows your spinal column and then moves into the feet and into the field where you are standing. Allow the connection of the star’s light to deepen within you and feel your consciousness expanding. Realize that you are transitioning. You are becoming a part of a larger community that is found in a more refined frequency and dimension.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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