Regiena Heringa - April 2024: Transitioning (Part Two of Three)

Audio Exercise: Transitioning (Part Two of Three)

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

Our physical world is composed of particles of matter which specialize and create specific objects such as water, skin and sky. Now, imagine that the frequency of these particles begins to refine. For example, imagine that you are walking on grass and this grass begins to change its frequency to become a more refined image of itself. What does this mean? It means that the grass keeps its identity as “grass” but moves upwards to experience a more exacting expression of the Light that dwells within it. This grass, therefore, becomes less dense; it becomes more translucent.

This transitioning to a more refined frequency of Light is also possible for us.

We are presently entering a time upon our planet when we are noticing a more refined frequency moving up from within the heavier vibrations found in our present earth dimension. Opening up inside of us is an expanding consciousness, an increased understanding, based on the intuition of our hearts and souls. Why is this happening now?

This transitioning has been planned for a very long time; It is the destiny of this earth and of us, its citizens, if we are willing to advance towards a higher, finer frequency. The opportunity is here now. Even in the grievous chaos of this planet, if we use our free will appropriately we joyfully remember our inner divine nature and we bring forth its sacred vibration to elevate all life. In this manner, we continue to birth and to radiate these exquisite frequencies of Love and of Light.

We acknowledge that we belong to a more refined, a more elegant vibration. We do not belong to a fractured world of divisiveness. We are noble beings created by the Great Spirit and this knowledge can no longer be confined; It can no longer be suppressed.

We are beings of Love. In recognizing and acknowledging this truth, we automatically refine and live this loving frequency within ourselves and among each other. Being and living selfless, infinite and eternal Love, we refine our emotions, our thoughts and our actions. We transition to a nobler frequency. We are lifted up to a higher dimension which recognizes, receives and welcomes us as divinely vibrational beings. In this elevated way of living we become familiar with other beings and environments.

The deeper our expressions of Love, the more refined our world frequency becomes.
The wider our gestures of Love, the more enlightened the minds of all.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and lift them up to the spiritual eye, the third eye. Feel peace in your mind and emotions and body. Breathe in this peace and become aware that you are completely calm. In this calmness feel a sacred Love flooding your entire being. Let this frequency of Love expand throughout you. Sense that all the particles in your body are expanding and filling up with Light. Now, imagine or sense a beautiful, big multicoloured rainbow in front of you. Imagine that inside each colour lies a civilization of higher consciousness beings. Feel the vibrational presence of these wonderful beings inside each rainbow colour. Now, observe or sense this rainbow carefully and choose a colour that makes you feel that you are home. Move into this chosen colour; surrender to it. Enjoy this experience of coming together, you and these marvellous beings found in the colour you have chosen.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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