Regiena Heringa - March 2024: Transitioning (Part One of Three)

Audio Exercise: Transitioning (Part One of Three)

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

If you examine a leaf closely, you will see atoms and subatomic particles turning around each other respectfully at calculated distances to ensure that the structure of the leaf keeps its integrity. This is similar to the movement of planets, galaxies and universes. Within all life, there lies love, intelligence and service. One element helps the other: To maintain balance and harmony, the moon’s gravitational pull helps the earth and the earth’s gravitational pull helps the moon. One person lovingly encourages another and, through this encouragement, this next individual helps another.

Light, brought into being through Divine Love, creates matter. This Light brings intelligence to the outer world. When, through prayer and meditation, we are inside this Light we discover one central, exquisite frequency within Its core—God-frequency. This divine frequency is our foundation for life. Here, among other discoveries, we may also detect the intelligence of elegant geometric forms. These forms of Light, articulate and limitless, lie beyond our present comprehension of physical, quasi-physical and nonphysical universes. They can however, be perceived in our inner environment and, if we lift up our consciousness, they can also be perceived in our outer environment.

The sheer beauty of the emergence of Love as Light into a material universe is truly astonishing in Its infinite manifestation of intelligence, intuition and power.

Our souls are composed of Light. Because they originate and lie in the essence of our Creator, our souls are invisible. But the use of our souls can make them noticeable. The soul becomes detectable through the language of action, whether it be a physical deed, a thought or a radiance.

Our physical world is composed of particles of matter which specialize and create specific objects such as water, skin and sky. Now, imagine that the frequency of these particles begins to refine. For example, imagine that you are walking on grass and this grass begins to change its frequency to become a more refined image of itself. What does this mean? It means that the grass keeps its identity as “grass” but moves upwards to experience a more exacting expression of the Light that dwells within it. This grass, therefore, becomes less dense; it becomes more translucent.

This transitioning to a more refined frequency of Light is also possible for us.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe in slowly. Let go of all tension. Relax. Still your mind and body. Now, gently lift your gaze up to the spiritual centre found in the forehead. With your heart open, sense and perhaps see a Light coming from this spiritual centre. It comes naturally. Let It come. Relax into this Light. Allow this Light to flood your body and mind and heart. It fills you up with Love and peace and expansion. Surrender to It. Become one with It.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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