Regiena Heringa - February 2024: Resting in Our Hearts

Audio Exercise: Resting in Our Hearts

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

As we know, a lovely and powerful tone is found in all creation: a flower, a galaxy, a thought, a number, a smile. The source of this sound originates within our souls that lie within the very core of Creation. And what is this core of Creation? It is Love. If we observe life as a linear experience, we realize that before physical creation there is the founding force of Love: It is Love that births Light and Light that births the material worlds which are filled with the resonating, universal and cosmic sound of Creation.

When the mind and the emotions are still and the heart is open, you experience a moment of pure Love. In that very moment you are in complete harmony with Creation—physical, visible creation, and spiritual, invisible creation. No matter how despondent you may feel, the instant you touch this pure, noble, divine Love with your mind and heart you are raised up. You are brought into the perfect vibration of Creation. For that one moment, you live in exquisite harmony with life everywhere, in all worlds, dimensions, universes and far beyond them.

Love is the binding force that holds creation together and It makes its home in your heart.

At the present time, there a marvellous movement upon our earth that is promoting the unity of all hearts. Within our innermost selves a magnificent tone of reverence and renewal resonates and it is becoming increasingly louder, deeper and stronger. The attributes of an unfolding new world—peace, fairness, justice, truth, loving ideas and creations, and faith in all that is good—are now becoming more evident. These qualities demonstrate the great planetary, universal and cosmic expression of Love.

We are asked to remain poised in the heart, to rest in the heart, to be refreshed by the heart. No matter what turbulence may surround us, we remain in the resonance of our hearts and magnify this exquisite vibration of Love in our families, communities, nations and world.

We, citizens of this fine Planet Earth, have the opportunity to once again be lifted up in heart, mind and soul. It is happening now; it happened in our past and it will happen in our future.

Let us rest in the heart and, with expanded consciousness, enjoy and employ the heart’s wisdom and guidance.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and lift them gently upwards into the spiritual eye in the forehead. Still the mind and body. Be aware of your breath moving gently in and out. Let go of physical and mental tension. Now, feel the warmth and light of a great sun coming up from within you. It floods your entire being. Surrender to this comfort. Enjoy it. Now, feel your heart opening up automatically. Feel a great love moving inside of you. Let it come. Let it expand. Let it rest inside of you.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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