Regiena Heringa - January 2024: Our True Place

Audio Exercise: Our True Place

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

To ensure a harmonious living pattern, everything in our world has its proper place: the bird in the nest, the fish in the water and the heart in the very centre of the Creator of Life. We are seated inside the core of creation, firmly rooted in our divine heritage of sacred Love and Light. Our hearts, minds and bodies, resplendent, vibrate in unison to our souls which, in turn, vibrate to the essence of holy Creation. Here we are complete and enjoy oneness with all life no matter where we live, be it on an island or in an island universe.

When we close our eyes we hear the sound of the universe and experience that all matter—dense or transparent— holds the same tone: the music of Creation. Our thoughts of peace, birth exquisite vibrational patterns of tone and colour that are sent out to the world and that strengthen the harmony of Creation. When we are one with our loving thoughts, our hearts and bodies follow suit and emit this same universal and cosmic sound.

The origin of this celestial tone is found in the soul. Because our souls are created in the Great Light, by this Great Light, they hold a pure vibration. In quiet meditation and reverent inner dialogue, we establish conscious contact with our souls and find our place within our Divine Creator. This is where we belong. From here we flow outwards into physical living, our minds, hearts and bodies in continuous harmony with our souls as they resonate to the sacred essence of life.

It is known that whenever and wherever our star friends travel in their smaller spaceships, these spaceships are always connected to the mothership. So it is with our souls. No matter what spiritual journey we may undertake, we are forever connected to the infinite Source of Creation: our true place.

Let’s play.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes and feel the peace of your soul. Enjoy this. Your heart is expanding naturally. Continue to expand and feel the love you hold for all life everywhere, here on Earth and in the universe. Imagine now a ribbon of gold light forming inside your heart. Sense the beauty and the spiritual strength of this ribbon of gold light. Now, travel with this ribbon of light as it moves out to touch and renew everything in our world. This ribbon of gold light is now moving out into space. Travel with it as it moves out into space. Feel expansion and peace and Love. Now you are in space and the ribbon is leading you to an infinite world of pure Light. Breathe in the marvellous beauty and Love of this pure Light. Now, let go of the ribbon and immerse yourself completely in this Light. Become this Light. Enjoy this. Savour this experience, your true place.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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