Regiena Heringa - November 2023: We are Emissaries of Divine Radiance

Audio Exercise: We are Emissaries of Divine Radiance

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

How do we express ourselves when our hearts are full? Do we dance? Do we create? Do we laugh and smile to the entire world? Let’s take a moment to consider: What did you do the last time your heart was full?

Even if you think you did “nothing” you were still radiating your joy to the world. We are always radiating outwards to the world for we receive this happiness from within and, following its path of energy, this happiness automatically radiates outwards. We can only stop this joyful radiance if we consciously decide to change it to fear. We then alter the frequency and therefore the emotional content of the radiance.

Because we are spiritual beings above all else, our very nature is to be happy. Happiness is an expression that comes from our souls. If we sit very quietly and calm the mind we enter into this joy. We peacefully enter our divine essence of eternal, infinite sacred Love—our soul.

As our physical world changes, we return to the roots of our spiritual existence where we become aware of our wondrous soul qualities and our gifts. From our inner world of divine intelligence, beauty and balance we share our gifts with the outer world. We are peacefully poised within, harmonious and coherent. And it is this inner environment we radiate to the world to help elevate life upon it. Radiating from inner harmony strengthens the harmonic vibration of our world.

We become emissaries of divine radiance.

There are many higher worlds and dimensions; there are many beings who inhabit these worlds and dimensions and other “light essence beings” who vibrate far beyond our present human comprehension. Those from other planets and solar systems we may meet in physical form, others we may encounter in spheres of light that interact with our third-dimensional world and yet others we may experience beyond our physicality when we lift and expand our consciousness. Through their very essence, these beings increase the radiance of this divine Love already vibrating within us and around us. They accompany us as we send this Love into our world. We join hearts with them and together we form a celestial fellowship of Light.

As spiritual beings, we happily share what we have joyfully received and understood. Therefore, no matter the world or dimension, we are all emissaries of divine radiance sending forth the very Love that lies within us.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Still the mind and breathe in peace. Feel a loving energy moving throughout your mind, heart and body. Take a moment to savour this. Now, place your attention in the spiritual eye in the forehead and sense loving warmth, Light and expansion. Perhaps you will also feel a divine presence accompanying you. Now, keeping your attention in the spiritual eye, sense that the Light and the Love inside of you is increasing and expanding naturally. This is the inner radiance of your soul. Enjoy this moment. Now, ask this inner radiance to flow out into the world. Feel this. Feel that the outer world is absorbing this radiance of balance, Light and Love.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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