Regiena Heringa - October 2023: Enjoying Our Spiritual Growth

Audio Exercise: Enjoying Our Spiritual Growth

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

Love, Light and Intelligence vibrate everywhere: in the leaf, the water, the smallest insect, the distant star and in the entire universe and cosmos. Within our very veins, our minds and our breath vibrates this tremendous force of Creation. If we close our eyes and let our minds drift inside our hearts we expand. We reach a place of insight, of understanding that we cannot explain in words but which is felt as joy, peace and Love. Here, we enter the real world: the world of Divine Spirit. We step into this world with the uttermost respect and gratitude.

How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to expand our awareness, to touch and to live in an inner world of grace and beauty that our Creator of all Life opens up to us—if we are mindful.

We know that there is presently a melding of dimensions; we are moving into a higher dimension which is already there. We are not creating it; we are participating in it—if we so wish. In truth we are becoming that higher dimension.

Once we understand that all creation consists of one core vibration, our awareness becomes enhanced. We then move into higher, more refined frequencies and become them. Consequently, we have contact and communion with beings of profound spiritual understanding who help us on our way.

In our linear world, what we think, feel and act upon has two ways to travel: towards the Light or towards the shadow of the Light. We become the environment we create. We are first and foremost sacred creations divinely polished in the environment of Light and Love. This is an environment that we can celebrate and enjoy!

To happily acknowledge that we are world-wide emissaries of Divine radiance, creates within us tremendous joy and spiritual bliss. These exquisite feelings grow each time we sit quietly and commune with our soul that flows inside our Creator. Here, we experience and become a more refined frequency, a higher dimension, a new person. Here, we enthusiastically embrace our spiritual growth and express our unending gratitude.

Let’s play.

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Clear your mind of all thought. Breathe in peace and allow the feelings of expansion and Love to fill you up within and without. You are peace and you are Love and you are harmony. Sense all of this inside the very molecules of your body and heart and mind. Now, feel every particle of your body changing into Light. There is no effort. This is a natural movement. Enjoy this heightened frequency. You have become Light and Love and harmony and peace. Now, as an emissary of Divine radiance, send this Light and Love and harmony and peace out to the world. Feel that as you are radiating to the world, you are also being filled up with this same Divine radiance. Continue to sit for a few minutes to further enjoy this experience.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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