Regiena Heringa - September 2023: Your Noble Achievements

Audio Exercise: Your Noble Achievements

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

Within the soul of each individual lies a program that encourages the soul to return to its Divine Creator who initiates life through Love. As a result, housed within each individual is the impetus to advance and to be reunited with this Divine Presence.

How do we advance? By producing noble achievements that we foster through consciously living our qualities of soul. These achievements are actions, small or large, that demonstrate the expressions of the Creator. They are, therefore, founded on the expressions of Love.

Perceive yourself as a soul of nobility— refined and gentle, insightful and kind, understanding and generous, filled with elegant, loving power.

In the many advanced planetary, galactic and intergalactic nations that comprise our space community, noble achievement is the underpinnings of creation and progress. We, on Planet Earth, are also bringing into existence societies of noble achievement. Let us reflect on the many actions of good will that are circulating our globe and infiltrating our hearts and minds. Let us realize that we are being elevated by the very Love, insight and compassion of our neighbours, those from our earth and those from the stars. Let us take a moment to recall our own noble achievements: those marvellous thoughts and actions, rooted in our very sacred selves, that continue to bring solace, encouragement and inspiration to those around us.

Let’s play.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Breathe in Light and peace. Feel your mind and heart lifted up and free. Experience expansion. Now, imagine you are in the middle of a golden ball of Light. Imagine that you are sitting comfortably in a chair in the middle of this sphere of golden light. Feel the beauty and elegance of this environment and feel this same beauty and elegance within you. Now, in front of your closed eyes ask to see images of some of your noble achievements in this life. No matter how small these accomplishments may be, let these images come to you, re-live them, enjoy them and be filled with a loving energy of completion and gratitude. In re-living your wonderful actions and accomplishments, you are filled with peace and well-being, unified with all life.

Everything in our world is vibration. Each thought of well-being and every action of noble achievement reverberate throughout our world and throughout the universe. This is how life everywhere advances and is elevated. This is the way of union and reunion.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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