Regiena Heringa - July 2023: Do You Remember?

Audio Exercise: Do You Remember?

Hello to the world-wide Family of Light!

Soul memories accompany us when we return to this planet (or to another place or dimension). These memories of other life experiences accompany us so that we can better understand our present life. They are instruments to help us move upwards and reunite with our Divine Source.

Retrieving loving soul memories is similar to picking wildflowers in a quiet field. You choose a few blossoms, hold them close to your heart, and delight in their natural beauty. When you select soul memories that remind you of your divine origins, you are lifted up to a place of delight and greater understanding. A deep peace flows through you.

Memories from the soul can be particularly helpful in our present life’s growth as we move increasingly towards the Divine Light. The greater our advancement the more magnificent the memories that surface from within us.

If you spend quiet time inside the essence of your soul and foster trust, faith, harmony and peace, your higher mind will release memories of when you lived completely as a soul, before you reincarnated. These memories are filled with marvellous feelings of Love and kindness. They hold the texture of profound spiritual vibration and sacred communion. You may receive pictures, sounds, colour, geometric forms, fragrances, feelings of oneness as well as other possible communication still unknown in our world today. However they are presented to you, these soul memories will always be filled with the feeling of upliftment—of joy and encouragement.

We are reminded that we are not alone. Within us, around us and above and below us are worlds and beings of tremendous spiritual unfoldment and understanding; we are immersed in these marvellous worlds when we still the mind and, through meditation and prayer, open the expanding heart.

How do we access these soul memories that help us move upwards?

Let’s play.

Sit quietly with closed eyes and still the mind. Breathe in peace and expansion and oneness. Remove the idea that your body is a physical construction and replace it with the truth that your body is composed of vibrating particles of Light. Let go of established concepts and questions you might have in your mind. Now, in gentleness and devotion, ask for a memory that will help you grow spiritually. When you begin to feel or see or hear something that elevates you, surrender to the experience and enjoy it. Later, you can contemplate what you have experienced. These are sacred moments best kept to oneself.

We are living in an exceptional time. The consciousness of all who are anchored in the Divine Source is being expanded and elevated, giving us the opportunity to consult our soul’s memories, learn from them and advance. This is how we remember who we are and where we belong.

In Divine Friendship,

Regiena Heringa


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