Regiena Heringa - April 2021: Developing a Friendship with our Star Friends - Part One: Resonance

Hello to the Family of Light!

How do we connect to those from other worlds, dimensions, planetary systems and galactic and intergalactic space? How do we develop a friendship with beings from the stars?

To answer these questions we are invited to study nature. Here, an important component can be found: relationships. Life helping life—rain nourishing plants, trees cultivating forest floors, gravitational pull and movements of planets keeping orbits tidy and magnetic lines creating pathways for interstellar travel. In nature we observe the intelligence of geometric patterns and the perfect grace of the sunflower as it turns its head to follow the sun, our star. In our extraterrestrial neighbours we find firm spiritual poise, superlative intelligence and a dedication to helping humankind.

Special friendships can be created through sympathetic resonance. Imagine that you are sitting inside a very big piano! You sing one note and then you hear your note resonating on different strings. Your note has been “noticed.” You have created a harmonic relationship.

When we fashion signatures of Light by leading lives based on Love (see Signatures of Light March 2021), we create a resonance between our vibrational patterns and those of our star friends. We create a harmonic relationship.

Our extraterrestrial friends, many of whom are living among us, hold a refined and stable vibration—Divine Love—which is permanently anchored within them. They know that their very beings vibrate inside this tremendous force of Love and Light of the Creator. This inspires our star friends to build peaceful communities and offer assistance to others who are open to more comprehensive ways of living. Their societies are harmonious as they are founded on spiritual principles, especially on the Golden Rule which asks that we treat others as we wish to be treated. Their way of life offers limitless opportunities to explore and develop consciousness, and science and technologies, to name just a few.

We, the world-wide family of Light, are spiritual people because we place God-Love above all else. As we orient our lives towards bettering ourselves and helping others, we continually deepen our spiritual identity and joyfully resonate to the way our star friends live.

Part Two of Developing a Friendship with our Star Friends will be presented in May 2021.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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