Regiena Heringa - March 2021: Signatures of Light

Hello to the Family of Light!

In your physical world all rotates and spins: the earth, planetary systems and galaxies, the atoms in your body and the thought forms generated in your brain. All material matter is in movement, pushing outwards and upwards. Even your inner body, this light body which births your material body, glimmers and radiates. The moment you are in a material construction you are in movement.

In all of this, how is it that there is such order to the physical world, to the creation of trees, plants, star systems and multi galaxies?

Within the movement of matter, regardless how small or how imposing, there is a tremendous force—a core force—that ensures all is conducted in perfect order. This core force is Love. It is Love that holds the material world together. You might call Love a “divine glue.” Herein lies vast and perfect intelligence which can be translated as light, for in light there is information and communication.

We are asked to introspect. How well are we connected to this inner force of Love? How freely do we allow the particles of light within us to expand and intensify? Even if we are not consciously aware of the pulsation of inner light, it continues its motion just the same, for the movement of light in the body is the movement of the soul.

Let us reflect together.

Close your eyes, sit quietly and feel the pulsing of the body. Ask to receive Love and allow It to fill you up. Surrender to It. As you let go, feel your body expanding in perfect peace. As you sense greater Love and peace, imagine that the light particles inside your cells are growing bigger and brighter, feeding the lovely magnetic fields that surround each cell and each atom. Ask Love to intensify and feel the perfect coming together of the light radiating, the magnetic fields strengthening and this exquisite Love-force flowing through all. Expand your consciousness and ask to be connected to the rotating light of the stars and galaxies.

Afterwards ask yourself, “How do I feel? Does my mind feel expanded? Have I now a more profound connection to life in the universe?”

Although our earth is moving through turbulence, we can choose otherwise. Turbulence is chaotic energy having no clear direction. But we have clear direction. We hold within ourselves the superbly refined patterns and frequencies of light that originate in the centre of all life—Love. We are in the light of the stars, in the intelligence that manifests the purity and beauty of creation. We all share the same light based on the same infinite, sacred force of Love that unites us all, be it on Planet Earth or in the many dimensions and worlds that surround us and lie within us.

We have been given the opportunity to strengthen the frequency of our inner light, to be grateful for its remarkable healing vibration and to lead lives that reflect this. Here we create and emit signatures of Light that uplift our world and attract the many universal beings of goodness who have been called to help us and our world.

In Divine fellowship,

Regiena Heringa


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