Notes from the Light - October 2019

Heightened Thought Forms - Part Two

In our previous message (see: Notes from the Light September 2019) we spoke of cultivating deeper states of awareness and allowing human thought to be increasingly interspersed by divine thought. Let us now continue.

As you become more conscious of an expanded way of feeling and being, you move beyond the boundaries established by your present learning. Light, sound and thought patterns are much more extensive than what you perceive in your material world.

As you well know, physicality is forever in transformation—moving and advancing—for there is a driving force within life to return to its origins of pure Light and Love. Through your loving use of free will, your soul path eventually leads you to higher frequencies. It is to be remembered that the material world is vibration, frequency and resonance.

When you are comfortable in a specific field of vibration—in a particular pattern of thought and action—an event occurs to awaken you to something different, perhaps an elevated manner of being and doing. You then have a choice: to remain in the old pattern of thinking, or to explore further. In exploring further, you discover a higher frequency—a more loving thought or feeling. From here you deliberately choose greater Light and, thus, set forth to explore a refreshing, new world. Once you have tasted the splendours of this newer world, you joyfully choose a nobler way of being and doing. The old falls away and you move swiftly forward.

You leave confined daily thought and hasten towards liberating experiences of heightened thought and awareness. You become a part of the finer worlds of vibration. You release thoughts which reduce the space of your heart and advance to higher worlds of belonging.

Although we may appear in craft, seemingly material, think not that our visits from various dimensions and planes of existence need to be demonstrated in such a fashion. We can appear anywhere at anytime. This is so, for matter can be lovingly manipulated, from the visible molecule to the infinitely smallest particle, through divine attention and heightened thought in order to provide universal service. Physicality vibrates through the medium of Light. In truth, we do not leave this Light, even though we may be seen travelling in your skies. We use this Light to assist in the well-being of all life.

You, too, in your own way, manifest from Light. Each moment you create loving thoughts, your inner light increases, blesses life and transforms it. With every touch, every feeling, every thought and action that is founded in Light, you uplift yourself and all humankind.

Indeed, in your world, tenacious interference of thoughts and actions are created by those who have yet to comprehend the sacred nature of vibration. However, be not alarmed. Continue to immerse yourself in the finer worlds of elevated thought and widened heart. Here you will observe splendid and speedy transformations of your physical bodies and minds.

Feel that you are as smooth as an ancient stone in the sea, caressed and loved since your very first physical birth. When you leave this world with heightened thought and awareness, you will remain smooth and harmonious. This is so, for you forever echo the loving thought of the Creator who fashioned you.


Regiena Heringa


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