Notes from the Light - September 2019

Heightened Thought Forms - Part One

From time to time, you may observe interference in your thinking. You create a noble thought, and as this thought becomes enticing to explore, another thought suddenly puts itself forward and blocks it. What is the cause of this?

Although there are many reasons for the interference of thought patterns, we would like to speak here of higher thought forms resulting from heightened awareness, rooted in divine consciousness.

As your heart opens to greater compassion, there is, simultaneously, an inner opening to vaster awareness and understanding. As you well know, there exists a deep bond between heart, mind, awareness and your soul. Consider your soul as the foundation of divine consciousness. Your soul, in it innate state of perfection, offers a possibility for your mind to be elevated and freed from the confines of the material world.

Let us present the following example. Imagine that you are assembling a board puzzle of a scene in nature. Here, you have at your disposal a thousand pieces which all fit together on your table to create the mountains, the streams, the grasses, flowers, clouds and so forth. As you look at the scattered pieces upon your table and those you have already assembled, you have an idea of what the result will be.

This illustration is similar to the interaction of your soul with your life. As you contact your soul through silence, love, devotion and gratitude, you release the tightness of your human mind and create an opening to glimpse a possible future. You are accessing divine consciousness. In a manner of speaking, you become the over-viewer of your life. Each piece of your puzzle, be it of a mental, physical or spiritual nature, becomes available to you.

Kindly remember that the marvellous gift of free will constantly awaits you. You breathe, you are aware, you love, you think, you choose. As your heart opens, your consciousness becomes more refined and your thoughts and actions are more gracefully manifested.

As you advance to higher and finer states of frequency—hence increasingly enjoying deeper states of awareness—your human thoughts become interspersed with divine thoughts. This is so, because you are, and have always been, a divine being. The thoughts, intuition and perceptions which come to you from this higher, purer spiritual realm are your soul language. This is the language which sets you free. This is the language which over-rides constricted human thought which keeps you bound.

As your Planet Earth continues to evolve, you, too, become attracted to a greater world of elegant thought and action. Hence, allow yourself to surrender to these moments of heightened thought and cultivate a delicate attunement to the vast world of light and compassion. There will be interference by those limited thought forms which roam and rush through your head. But these will eventually move away to make room for exquisite thoughts flowing in from the wondrous spiritual heights you are now beginning to enjoy.


Regiena Heringa


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