Notes from the Light - April 2019

Life-Force Energy — Part Two

In our previous message we spoke of this divine life-force energy which makes all physical things live and which interconnects all existence no matter the object, animal, person, world or dimension. Let us now continue.

As all matter holds an inner sacred vibration which is life-giving, so do you, as divinely created individuals, resonate to this same vibration. You may ask, “If all matter vibrates to the same life-force, what difference is there between a river and myself?”

To answer this question, let us speak of awareness and free-will.

Because life-force energy is the holy basis of material life, you may state that all physical objects, including the rock and the grasses are sacred. This is so. However, they are not aware of this sacredness. As human and divinely created beings living on Planet Earth, you have the opportunity to increase your awareness of this inner, vibratory energy. This is best done by lifting up your consciousness through your own free-will and cultivating noble thoughts and loving action.

The more you are aware of this life-force within you, the more you are attracted to it. This attraction motivates you to explore this force further and, consequently, encourages a wider conscious connectedness to life everywhere, including our own, we, who live in higher frequency worlds.

Of what importance is this awareness to your daily lives?

You may think that your world is becoming denser in thought and emotion. Perhaps this is presently so. However, there is a far greater reality which is swimming up from the depths of your world and moving down from its heavens. This higher vibrational reality now covers more and more of your world with its brilliant divine light of greater understanding and creates magnificent dialogue between vast planes of existence. This is making itself known to all upon your earth who are consciously living inside this life-force energy. You are being lifted—if you wish it. The magnetics in your body are aligning themselves towards this light. Your cells are increasingly opening up to this light. This life-force energy within you will continue to intensify—if you wish it. What is its purpose? To bring you home.

Hence, we ask you to contemplate the following: Will you take time to quiet sit and become familiar with this inner force? Will you feel it in your breath and in your thoughts? Will you open your awareness and sense that same life-force in the objects and animals and the people surrounding you? Will you also sense the loving beings within you and around you? This is an effective way to consciously experience connectedness.

Kindly remember that this connectedness is a universal and cosmic web sublimely woven with divine love, light and intelligence.

We leave you with this image: when next you feel the wind around you, imagine that it brings to you this sacred life-force energy as a golden banner of light. It is yours to wear, breathe in to and to share.


Regiena Heringa


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