Notes from the Light - March 2019

Life-Force Energy — Part One

What is the intelligence that makes your finger move and your heart beat? What is inside you which maintains a perfect balance in your body between electricity and magnetism, between hard and soft, and between liquids and solids? How is it that the crystals found in your blood and in your cells maintain perfect balance as they communicate with all the other parts of your body?

These questions and many more are asked when you examine and consequently admire the marvellous creation which is your human body.

There a wonderful lattice-work of cosmic energy which connects each cell to the other, to the whole body, to your entire world and beyond it. This energy—this life force—which vibrates within the very particles of light which create your cells, is highly intelligent. When this energy removes itself from the body, the body becomes lifeless. This life-force is not restricted to the individual body; it is the basis for all physical existence. Without it, there would be no life upon your planet—no rock, or blade of grass, or animal or human form. Without this divine life-force, no physical manifestation would exist in the universe. In truth, this universe and other universes would not exist.

Increasingly, your people understand that they are first and foremost beings who vibrate in the holiness of spiritual light. We rejoice in your realization of this fact. As you acknowledge this, you also acknowledge that your origin is divine and thus accept that every cell in your body is also divine. It is to be remembered that this cosmic life-force which makes all life vibrate, has a sacred origin—can be seen and felt as holy light and as holy Love.

This cosmic—and beyond cosmic—life-force which permeates all physical creation, is not limited to one individual. Divine energy, perhaps perceived as belonging to one person, truly belongs to all. You may think that the vibrating crystals in your body are only for you. Yet, in opening your minds and hearts towards greater possibility, you realize that the crystals in your bodies are linked to those in the earth and its waters, to friends and strangers around you and to us, in higher vibratory states.

If indeed, all physical life is based on divine life-force energy and is connected through such common elements as electricity, magnetics, crystals and energy radiance, how is the human upon your world uplifted?

You are uplifted by using your divine consciousness which is embedded in this life-force energy. This divine consciousness asks you to set noble intentions and from there to live graciously through the intelligent and loving use of your free-will.

In our next message we will speak on sensing life-force energy in all matter and in all beings.


Regiena Heringa


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