Notes from the Light - August 2018

Star Friends — Part Two

In our previous message we spoke of the similarities between our worlds, as your Planet Earth and its inhabitants continue to move closer to divine vibration and consciously live in the spheres of noble love and thought. Let us now continue.

Some of our people, not all, have also experienced density upon your earth and elsewhere. Through their deep-seated volition to listen to their soul language, they were able to change their density. These individuals now easily modify their atomic structures to further explore the science of transformation. They have realized the genuine relationship between love, thought and soul direction as the source of higher vibrational manifestation. We acknowledge this transformational state as a science for there are definitive patterns and principles to recognize, understand and use—all based on the tremendous and infinite power of Love.

This is the movement we see being echoed in your world as many of your citizens continue the path upwards. You are coming closer to us! As you fill yourself up daily, hourly and at each moment with love and grace, you unify all parts of your being, visible and invisible. You realize that you are a Whole. The moment you sense your wholeness, you are united with us and with all universal and cosmic life.

In a manner of speaking, we are your elder brothers and sisters. Your world is following in our footsteps. There are inhabitants upon your planet who, although perceived as human beings, have opportunities to transform and reorganize the very particles of their bodies, accessing higher learning through the absorption of tremendous Light and infinite Love. This transformational assistance is also being offered to your people for we gladden in your willingness to progress spiritually.

Think not that these marvellous changes are imaginary. We, from above, and you, from below, are meeting where all is being renewed. This renewal brings you, as citizens of a new world, to an exceptional reunion of hearts and minds. In truth, this coming together has been taking place for a long time. As time shortens and changes, the voluntary upliftment of your people and your planet will strengthen. This is what is presently being witnessed upon your earth.

Note well the changes within you. Listen to the loving direction of your soul. Its deepest intention is to direct you to wholeness, unity and infinite fellowship with all that is good. You are already with us, as we are with you. Listen, love and learn. If you so wish it, every atom, every thought, every way of living will be refined. This is not so that you leave your fine Planet Earth, but that you transform it completely. Help will continue to come from the stars, for we are always with you.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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