Notes from the Light - July 2018

Star Friends — Part One

Dear and gentle people of earth, we speak to you sincerely on the wonderful fellowship that lies between your citizens and ours. Our societies and yours have much in common.

As you, we, from the various star systems and dimensions, base our lives on the elegant intelligence of the God-Creator of all life. We, as you, are an integral part of the Creator and, as such, we lead lives from which sacred love, light, reverence and consequent accomplishments shine through. Although we may be more advanced in understanding and applying the principles of the universe, you, as a people growing in harmony and greater comprehension, are also now being given the opportunity to explore these marvellous laws which lie far beyond what is presently being recognized by your authorities. These principles promote, among other aspects of developing societies, scientific and technological ideas for learning, developing and sharing: all in the precious name of service.

For many of your people and institutions, there is presently a boundary which has been established to limit the advancement of science and technology in your world. “Why?” you may ask. Kindly remember that there is an intimate link between consciousness and scientific advancement. When consciousness is rooted in love, it widens and naturally absorbs greater understanding of all things, intrinsically wishing to share this comprehension for the good and advancement of all. If consciousness is limited to personal gain and dominion over others, scientific research, its development and employment, will be limited and ultimately will undo itself. This we have witnessed on numerous occasions upon your planet.

However, as we have mentioned in other messages, your Planet Earth is moving towards a greater destiny. With the great waves of divine frequency now permeating the most elementary particles of your physical bodies and stimulating the very frequency of your consciousness, your world is moving upwards towards reunion.

We live in worlds which are less dense that yours. You may think it mysterious that we are able to materialize and modify our bodies, our space vehicles—not always necessary for travel—and other matter. Yet, in truth, these abilities follow this essential principle of the universe:

The greater the love, the more expansive the human mind. As this human mind is freed up, it flows naturally into pure divine consciousness and “meets up” with its own soul. Together as one, anchored in the pure frequency of divinity, the marvellous possibility of creation, exploration, learning and service for universal good is offered.

We are as close as the air around your face. There are indeed worlds between and inside other worlds, for much of the universe is a composition of intermingling and intersecting. All materiality holds frequency. As your citizens become more elegant in thought, they too, begin to see us and others from the higher more refined worlds of love and intelligence. Even those who do not see us, may indeed sense us and know that we are together for a common purpose: world, universal and cosmic service.

In our worlds and in our own way, we have families, communities and dwellings and give much loving attention and action to the advancement of scientific principles, of harmonious living in all its forms and individual and collective learning and progress. Our greatest pleasure is living from within the very radiance of sacredness to create, grow, learn, explore, share and advise. We are especially interested and deeply implicated in the historical, upward movement of your Planet Earth and your citizens. We witness your world emulating our world as you increasingly assume and live in virtue to enjoy the sublime genius of creation. We shall meet again soon.

Part Two of Star Friends will be presented in Messages from the Light August 2018.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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