Notes from the Light - June 2018

Soul and Home

(Suggested preliminary reading: The Coming Together of Worlds, August 2016)

In the bringing together of worlds, kindly understand that a kinship of energy, loving attitude and gentle benevolence must continue to resonate within the inhabitants of your planet. Many of your citizens have understood this as they turn towards a wider possibility of expansive and infinite living patterns. In a manner of speaking, many of you upon this transforming planet have left behind emotional, mental and physical disturbances to consciously meld into this great divine Light of Love and Creation. You have melded your soul to the Great Spirit. You have found home.

In finding once again your ultimate and innate destiny—being the radiance of divinity—you are now so imbued with sacred love and intelligence that every smallest particle of vibrating matter within your physical body, mind and emotions has been transformed and moved upwards and inwards towards an eternal communion with sacred perfection.

This, in truth, is the destiny of your earth and all of its citizens: To be uplifted and, by the free will of your inhabitants, to be brought home.

Within all creation, be it material, less so or even without density, exists love and intelligence. You may call this duo the cornerstone of a building. As intelligence and love, forever together and in equilibrium, expand, intention, direction and Light is birthed. Hence, it is from this Light, based on this pure love and holy intelligence that vibration, frequency, consciousness and matter are created. However, the soul of each individual is not created here or in this fashion. The individual soul emanates directly from the perfect outpouring of the Source’s love and intelligence. Soul remains infinitely pure, untouched and uninfluenced.

Let us illustrate these concepts to you in the following manner.

Imagine that you are standing on the shore of a large and calm lake. There is no wind; all is still. Feel that you are an integral part of this scene, so that no separation is felt. Here you experience a texture of divinity—quiet, beauty, strength, oneness, love and intelligence. Now, gently a soft wind begins to blow towards you from the water. Feel that you have been awakened, that you have been breathed into. This awakening carries you to a profound realization that you are intimately connected to a place of holiness. The moment you experience this connectedness you are experiencing your soul. It is not the wind that has awakened you. It is your willingness to stand quietly by the lake to receive and absorb this creator-wind, and, in so doing, to open yourself up to a more significant and insightful world.

It is to be remembered that each individual upon your earth is a soul. Some of your citizens continue to ignore their souls. Yet numerous others have felt the warm wind of welcome and are moving forwards and upwards with eager step and open heart. These are the leaders of your tomorrow. In truth these are your leaders now.

As we have mentioned upon other occasions, the destiny of your world is a great one. Your Planet Earth is already a member of an association of star nations wherein it is warmly welcomed. This illustrates that the current of upliftment is strengthening. Your citizens will also witness the coming together of minds, hearts, and creative energies and frequencies which reside in places, dimensions and vastness which intermingle and intertwine within the atmosphere of your own planet. At this moment this may still seem invisible and untouchable, but gently the sacred invisible and untouchable are being revealed to the delight of many of your progressive inhabitants.

We, from the many systems and dimensions of God’s universe, continue to live and create and render joyful service to all those upon your earth who extend their minds and hearts upwards and who are encouraging others to participate in this same upwardly movement.

Kindly remember that we are all the same, no matter the dimension or universe for we are all from the same home. Hence, continue on with your dedication to all that is Goodness and Light, for therein lies our home and yours.

In our next message we will speak more to you of ourselves and the similarities between our worlds and yours.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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