Notes from the Light - August 2016

The Coming Together of Worlds

As you are well aware, there is the “thinning out” of the dimensions and between the worlds as you perceive them. The dense veil which kept your inhabitants separated from other physical and less physical dimensions, is now being dissolved. All the people upon your fine earth who are genuine in heart and mind are now being given the opportunity to celebrate this coming together of other world communities with their own.

Why has your planet been isolated from the greater worlds?

We first assure you that Planet Earth has never been abandoned. It continues to be under loving surveillance since the very beginning of its life. When beings upon your world opened up even for a brief moment with a loving consciousness of wanting to comprehend more in order to progress, counsel and direction were always given. However, kindly understand that in your planetary past—this past which is based on your concept of time and space—only a minority of your people, showing spiritual tenacity, continued to encourage humankind back to its Creator. Oftentimes such courageous events caused significant misunderstanding and strife. Consequently, much of your population chose to travel the path of selfishness and destruction. Thus it was suggested that your planet remain in isolation until such time as an opportunity of more exacting spiritual awareness could be offered to your people.

This present powerful movement of spiritual awareness and human advancement can now be viewed upon your earth as a magnificent gesture of opening up to fellowship with other communities of high, pure vibrational intent. In spite of all you may observe in your world of shadow and dark, this continual and great movement upwards into Light attracts infinite divine and cosmic energies. Thus wondrous worlds come now not only to your aid, but also to join with you as you approach us with open arms, hearts and minds. In spite of all that is in turmoil, there is now a victorious force which supersedes it. This is a time of celebration.

How, then, is the best way to celebrate this splendid coming together of worlds in the Christ Light?

We ask you to remain true to your spiritual knowingness. Develop the gifts you have been given to increase inner and outer goodness. You are universal beings and your importance and participation in this reunion is paramount. Every being upon your planet houses a precious and unique Light which, when explored and lovingly used, assists your world to lift itself up to be with us and many other worlds, dimensions and universes. The feeling of wholeness which you experience within demonstrates the foundation of wholeness of all worlds as they vibrate within the Light of the Creator.

We ask you to realize that your upliftment to a perfected way of being and doing is a natural stance which now unfolds and which will continue to unfold as the dimensions become “thin.” It is here that you will enjoy a vast community of so many who understand you and who ask simply that you remain true to your divine essence. Should you remain true to this divine essence, you will be lifted up and greater things—ideas, creations, knowledge and advancement in all areas of your own life and of your nations —will be presented to you for the splendid furtherance of all worlds including your fine Planet Earth.

Regiena Heringa


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