Notes from the Light - August 2017

Material and Nonmaterial Holograms and Light — Part Two

In our previous message (See Material and Nonmaterial Holograms and Light - Part One, July 2017), we presented the difference between mechanical interfering light creating holograms in your material world and spiritual Light creating more refined holograms in higher vibrational worlds to express a more exact language of Light. It was also mentioned that the inhabitants of your planet, through the nurturing of higher consciousness, have access to these holograms of spiritual Light in order to further the understanding that all creation is imbued with the sacredness of this Light.

Let us now continue.

Within the molecules of your earthly body there are portals, openings, which allow you to travel higher frequencies. The higher the vibrational stance of an individual while in material light, the greater opportunity for this individual to access spiritual Light. This is so, for all physical light is suffused with spiritual Light. When the people upon your earth, while standing in gentle sunlight, appreciate the goodness of this physical light radiance, they are immediately transported into the environment of spiritual Light. The greater the gratitude of material light, the more notable the awareness of spiritual Light. Let us explain.

Imagine that you are walking on the sand. At first you may view the sand as pieces of rock. Then you delve deeper and realize the sand’s potential to be transformed into glass. Moving ever deeper, you discern that this sand and its potential are in fact moving patterns of particles wherein material light and spiritual Light are housed—the latter birthing the former. You remain for a moment appreciating this discovery.

Delving deeper now, you move between the spaces of the vibrating particles of this sand and its potential. In keeping your gratefulness and wonder of the physical world, you now shift into greater dimensions, worlds and universes which are no longer expressed as physical light in a physical environment, but as environments of spiritual Light beyond the confines of the material world. You thus discover a place of awareness past the understanding of your physical body and human mind. This is the place of Divine liberty. Here you may witness holographic structures, colours, habitats, and thoughts all founded on tremendous Love, all moving within each other. This moment of awareness encourages you to understand that neither the sand, the body, nor the planet upon which you live, is solid matter—all is first spiritual Light. In truth, you are a sacred and splendid construction of this Light. Indeed, it can be stated that you and your planet are constructions of holograms, but ultimately not composed of the interfering patterns of physical light, but of the all-encompassing radiance and divine power of spiritual Light.

Once this is understood, we request of you the following: begin to strengthen your inner Light structure by cultivating, nourishing and living every expression of Love in your daily lives. Each time you think, feel and act in the state of Love, you strengthen your inner spiritual Light and your stance as a spiritual holographic expression. Then marvellous things begin to occur. Your entire physical body, including your brain, begin to take on a rejuvenating vitality. You begin to be uplifted and unfolded into a new way of being. You consciously assume your true nature as a being of spiritual Light.

This stance then becomes your identity—your Light imprint—open in mind and heart to those of us in the Federation (see: The Intergalactic Federation of Planets) to communicate with you. You then become a beacon for the celestial realms to be with you in a more immediate fashion.

Kindly remember that worlds are coming together and your tenacity and dedication to Light shine brilliantly throughout the universe. There are many, splendid open holograms and other magnificent striations of spiritual Light, yet unknown to the majority of your inhabitants, which continually visit you and your Planet Earth and infuse you with loving guidance and kindness. All you need do is absorb and live this glorious Truth: you are Love, you are Light and you are free.

Regiena Heringa


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