Notes from the Light - March 2017

Linear Direction and the God-Point

The notion of direction in your world illustrates the action of moving from one point of life to another—one location to another, one thought to another. As many of your citizens are beginning to realize, this sense of linear orientation which defines your dimension is not necessarily that which defines other worlds.

Mysteries that you may perceive in your material world such as “medical miracles,” variable frequencies and anomalies vibrating in your outer space and the interlinking of dimensional realities are only mysterious to you for they are observed from your place in space and time in this universe. As you comprehend that linear thought and action are limited to your dimension and to other similar worlds, you realize that you can extend further to explore non-linear, inter-spacial and, indeed, non-spacial possibilities. As you expand the heart, which eternally remains the foundation of all exploration, you will naturally expand your minds and joyfully explore vaster experiences that lie beyond the present knowledge of your scientific communities. And with this exploration you will experience that the material and less material worlds follow ordered reality and realities.

In truth, nothing in existence, physical or otherwise, is mysterious. It is solely that you are restricting yourselves to various constructs and knowledge, surmising that certain concepts are static. Kindly remember that the moment you view existence as stationary you create limitation, for all is perpetually in movement: evolving, transforming, and becoming.

Within the core of your divine and infinite consciousness, lie worlds, dimensions and experiences far beyond your physical bodies and human minds, which beg for exploration. If you forever base your inner exploration on the majesty of the great Divine Heart, you will enthusiastically explore the myriad worlds and universes of matter, light and pure energy. You may then return with these experiences to heighten the beauty and the intelligence of your own world. In truth, your inner explorations which touch hundreds of millions of magnificent universes, galaxies and multiple and other vast expressions of Light, create the splendid foundation for the transformation of your world. It is here you leave linear direction and move into the God-Point. Let us illustrate.

Imagine that you have in your hand a solid, golden globe. As you admire this sphere, it opens up and you realize that within are a multitude of spherical worlds, some more physically manifested than others. At any one spot in your earth’s time or space, you may choose to travel into these worlds as they all lead to one point—God-Light, God-Force, God-essence, God-intelligence. This is called the God-Point.

This illustration is to help you understand that no matter what life you may be leading in whatever world or dimension you, like us and all existence, are living within the exact same God-point. From that point, existence flows outwards and inwards to continually manifest this God-point. Some worlds such as yours move towards linear language. Others group to think and speak in the comprehensive language of universality. At this time upon your planet, there is a significant movement of its citizens to travel towards a global and all-inclusive noble thought. Hence, the sense of direction upon your Planet Earth is changing. You are moving into a more expansive and all- encompassing way of thinking and being.

We rejoice in this, for as your world expands in energy, as it transforms all life upon it, so are the minds of your people expanded. With loving intention and attention, your earth and world move away from linear direction and gravitate towards a more comprehensive direction to life. Indeed, your earth and your world are living in a more exacting nature from and within the God-point.

Hence, we, as you, continue to foster good thoughts for all humankind. Kindly remain gentle and compassionate and with loving determination help all who wish to unfold from the God-Point to the greater, inner worlds of light, intelligence, divine fellowship and meaningful outer service.

Regiena Heringa


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