Notes from the Light - January 2017

Geometric Forms — Spheres of Light


A most pleasing and efficient geometric form found upon your planet is the circle, the sphere. This is so because the waves of flowing and swirling energies—inter-dimensional and cosmic radiance, gravitational and magnetic forces and your earth’s own rotation—which surround, penetrate and imbue your planet encourage a harmonious and fluent movement of physical matter. Indeed, certain beauty and harmony can also be witnessed in the square and the triangle, but the most harmonious form found upon your earth at this time is annular, perceived as both circle and sphere.

The core of divine, perfect light found in all vibrating matter can be perceived as a sphere, although, in truth, light by its very nature cannot be contained. Light, as you well know, houses intelligence and information and it is the precursor of physical manifestation. If we respect linear thought, we may state that first there is Love, the creative force, and then there is Light and physical manifestation.

In reference to a previous message (see Notes from the Light May 2016 entitled Pathways) wherein we speak of the microscopic and macroscopic worlds, we ask you to observe this core sphere of light as a predominant form found in the atoms and smallest particles of vibrating matter as well as in the planets and stars of your physical universe and well beyond it. Many of the stellar energy particles which flow through the particles of your own physical space also house a spheric shape. Hence, as you become aware of the spherical form within your material world, you will notice that it can be observed in many environments.These forms may appear as orbs of light which accompany places and individuals who radiate a spiritual sense of consciousness and commitment. They may also materialize as multidimensional vessels coming into your skies and from within your inner earth and ocean floors to observe and to offer assistance.

Imagine for an instant that you see only the space between the objects in your room. If you allow your consciousness to expand and sense the nature of the space between the objects, you will begin to understand that within inter-space are vast creations: forms, patterns, colours and spheres of light. These spheres of light do not belong to your third dimensional world; they visit your world in order to evaluate the progress you are making and encourage you to advance with your soul. These spheres of light are intelligent, loving presences and environments. They may create and communicate through auditory and visual geometric patterns, assist in the unfolding of the individual’s spiritual nature and commune through dimensions and less temporal worlds to bridge the gap between localities. In a matter of speaking, these spheres are emissaries of light which help direct life upwards to finer vibratory patterns. In truth you, as spiritual beings, are spheres of light. If you collapse your divine energy patterns to a perfect point as mentioned in our message entitled “Energy Movement — Collapsing to a Point Circling and Spiralling” (see Notes from the Light April 2016), you will realize that you are collapsing your core essence to a perfect sphere within God’s Light.

Hence we ask you, fine people of this garden planet, to take a moment to admire the spheres you may see around you, whether they be of a material or a light construct. Become familiar with this spheric form, and enjoy its presence. Voyage this form by placing your awareness within it and sensing its environment. As you create thoughts of love, feel the gentle spheres of light within you as companions on the way, helping humankind to continue upwards into worlds of greater understanding and advancement within the Source.

Regiena Heringa


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