Notes from the Light - April 2016

Energy Movement—Collapsing to a Point, Circling and Spiralling

It is the nature of the universe to ensure that existence can collapse to a specific point whether that point be material or immaterial. You may consider the event as a “collapse-occurence“ where matter, mind and heart are shepherded to a single state of perfect and concentrated expression of life. You may perceive this occurrence in your bodies, your thoughts and emotions and in your world. This occurrence can also be observed in your skies, when vehicles populated by those of other dimensions and planets visit your earth in friendship and with concern.

Presently in your world you witness much confusion founded on contradictory ideas, events and movement which are circular in motion, repeatedly returning to the same beginning. This tendency to remain in a circular rather than an upward spiral pattern, can be observed in many of your citizens and, in truth, may be helpful to you. In remaining circular in thought and action gives you the opportunity to live repeated experiences and hence deepen your learning of life and your participation in it. However, there comes a time in your journey when you are prompted by your soul to progress towards greater understanding—to question more keenly, to expand in idea and in love—which incites you to proceed to a spiral pattern of life.

In your world, the composition of a spiral presents a choice of direction of motion—upwards or downwards. If you experience a certain inner excitement of exaltation which joyfully impels you to expand your heart and mind, you are then on the upward spiral path. In choosing such a direction, you create for yourself and, indeed, for all life, a greater resolution of intention and action. Let us explain.

Imagine that all matter floats inside light. Each material particle is embedded in a corresponding particle of light although, in truth, light cannot be divided. In this example, however, every atom, and its smallest units and satellites are bathed in corresponding light particles. Understand that these particles of light are a perfect manifestation of the Source and, in your world, reveal themselves as shining elements of the many colours known upon your earth as well as those colours not yet visible to the human eye.

When you decide to live in a circular or a spiral fashion, these infinitely beautiful and fully intelligent particles of light continue to vibrate within you. Image now that all these magnificent particles of light move together, meld and collapse into one essence of brilliant Light. All colour moves together, all vibration becomes one, and you, cherished being of this planet, become a perfect, whole and infinite being of Divine Light. If you can comprehend this, then you are beholding your future, for all life, all movement no matter its pattern, will at some point in its existence collapse to its perfect inner core. It can be said that there is a sublime “divine gravity” at work which ensures that all souls, having experienced various realities and wishing to return home, can simply surrender to the divine pull of Love and, in collapsing to a perfect center, fuse with this Love.

Hence we ask you to consider the following: become aware of your thought and heart patterns. Are they scattered, are they repetitive, or do you celebrate the underlying unity of your thoughts, love and action? Can you then collapse the various scattered moments in your emotions and thought patterns to bring them to a perfect point of pure stillness, expansion, radiance and sacred power? Can you thus enjoy the high resolution of this focal point and stabilise it within you?

The greatest achievement of your people upon this gracious Planet Earth is the celebration of unity in Godliness—the collapsing of division to form a planetary strength of divine love, divine mind and divine action.


Regiena Heringa


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