Notes from the Light - October 2016

The Transformational Nature of Matter — Part Two: Fluidity and Light

In our previous message (see Notes from the Light September 2016) certain concepts were presented to ensure you that your material world is neither static nor solid. In truth, your physical world is in emergence and under the blessed direction of the Creator, is awakening humankind to follow the loving dictates of soul. Let us now continue with the subject at hand.

All existence, no matter the dimension or universe, is fluid and transforming. Although it may seem in your world that the rock upon your shoreline or in the mountain is solid and immovable, this is not so. At first glance you may say, “No, this rock is solid.” However, from the macroscopic world you may visit the microscopic world and realize here that all matter is simply moving energy and that there are many spaces between its vibrating particles. These spaces lead into other worlds, should you travel them. Hence, at first glance you may observe that the rock is solid, but in approaching the finest structures that compose matter at a microscopic level, an ordered movement, fluidity and space can be observed. At an invisible level, particles may travel smoothly outside the pattern which composes stone, move to other realities and return to this dimension to continue its activity. Hence, what appears to be solid in your world is simply an illusion, for if your material world were to be reduced to its essence it would be seen as Light.

Hence, physicality, dense or more refined, including your very bodies, can be reduced to its core composition—Light. The innate structure of each thought you create is Light. If you embue a thought with Love, it will not only maintain its Light but this Light will increase in strength and radiance. If a thought of hatred is created, then the Light of this thought is diminished. Light cannot be extinguished. However, Its radiance will be reduced within those individuals who promote disturbing thoughts, emotions and deeds.

Let us now return to the example of the rock. In material terms, we may state that rock changes over time; it is broken down, it crumbles and its uses for humankind are altered. Where once it served as foundation for a dwelling, now it becomes part of a pathway near water. This can also be said of the human body, for it too transforms and in so doing, the service given by the human body to the world is also changed. This transformation of the human body relies on the consciousness of the individual who wears it. However, unlike the rock, the human body houses active consciousness which allows individuals the liberty to change their bodies in accordance with the properties of Light.

We have understood in our world that all matter, whether physical or less so, can be transformed into its highest level of being through the properties of Light. These are activated and maintained by our consciousness which lies within the Creator and which is directed by this divine Energy and Wisdom. In your world, you are presently beginning to develop this knowledge.

The essential property of Light is to perpetuate the perfection in existence. This Light is eternally rooted within the vibrational core of the Creator and ensures that all life is maintained at its perfect point of beingness and performance. Hence, what may seem miraculous in your world—instant healing and fine manifestation—is simply the directed attention and focus of Divine Light. The matter which exists in your world is indeed Light-filled and therefore fluid, transformational and malleable. Your bodies, minds and emotions are filled with transformational potential, should you choose to cultivate your lives within the love and power of the Creator.

Dear people of this fine earth, you have come far upon the path of spiritual understanding. You have remained true to the essential manner of living by following the pathway of Light, of Love, compassion, helpfulness and of inner sacred awareness and strength. Kindly remain true to the indwelling knowingness that all is spiralling upwards into a vast and changing world. Your earth is emerging into a greater place of being and unfolding into a splendid, expanding orb opening up to sacred and universal communities. It is to be remembered that the very essence of all life is Light and you, as pioneers of this vibrant new world, are shining examples to us all in the many worlds that make up the expression and the advancement of holy spiritual energy.

Regiena Heringa


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