Notes from the Light - September 2016

The Transformational Nature of Matter — Part One: Solidity and Soul

Everything in your physical world is malleable. It may seem to you that your objects, thoughts and actions have a confined, static and solid foundation whereupon your very earth, seemingly firm, is poised. However, this solidity of matter observed by your citizens is only a perception which creates your dimension. If you maintain the concept that your physical world is static and solid, you then also accept that your world is finite. The decision is indeed yours. However, kindly reflect on the following. If you fully believe in the pure solidity of matter, with no recourse and no exception, you then live in an environment which restricts your creative abilities, your visionary skills and your fuller understanding of not only your world, but the nature of universes and the cosmos itself. We also comprehend, however, that if you are at loving peace with your beliefs and knowingness, then you have achieved a certain platform of advancement upon which you may rest, reflect and perhaps reconsider for further progress.

It is the very nature of the soul to encourage the advancement of an individual from a personal and restrained perspective to a universal and all inclusive one. It is the nature of the soul—this blessed and perfect vibration of the Creator—to puncture the complacency of people as they continue on routinely with their daily lives in order to inspire them to unfold into a greater awareness of life. Here then is the soul’s great purpose: to awaken within humankind the curiosity and the thirst to better comprehend the perfect, noble reason for living—the return to the Creator. Indeed, the people of your fine planet are being directed back to and into the Source.

All existence everywhere vibrates within the holiness of the Creator and each sentient being has the opportunity to extend outwards from that holiness to assume individuality while remaining within that holiness. In the higher realms of vibrational goodness, the beings clothed in Light who may visit you in your homes or in your minds and hearts to counsel and direct you, never truly leave the sacredness of the Creator. Indeed, they remain within this holy Light and simultaneously appear in your physical world as individuals of service. Here you glimpse your future, as more and more visitations from sacred realms become apparent within your dimension and certain inhabitants upon your planet assume the identity of Light. Here you witness the solidity of earth matter as it transforms to “soul matter”—Light.

The inhabitants of the many, many worlds which comprise the Federation (see The Intergalactic Federation of Planets) of which we, too, are a part, are imbued with the Christ Light of the Creator. Some among you appear in human bodies. Others are of different vibrational compositions. All are of Christ Light. Numerous appearances of your “brothers and sisters from space” as you call us, are being observed by your people and these visits upon your planet will strengthen.

This increase of visitation from the angelic, immortal realms, star nations and the inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional facets of life, is a result of your emerging Planet Earth into a higher realm of existence. This emergence has caused great joy for the Federation and for many of your inhabitants and some chaos for your other citizens and organizations. Those upon your planet who have begun to realize that the material world is neither static nor solid, are being well prepared for your earth’s emergence. This is so, for those from your world who are open to new idea demonstrate a willingness to share, to understand and to foster inclusiveness and harmony, thus illustrating that Love is the birther of all life.

Hence, we ask you to reflect on the following: how ready are to you listen to another’s perspective? How happy are you to share your thoughts, your gifts and your objects? How open are you to more advanced scientific ideas for the betterment of all life? How flexible are you in mind and body? How well do you love? Reflection upon these questions will help you place yourself harmoniously within your own being, within the physical time and space you presently occupy and within the greater vibrational aspects of your world and your universe.

The Transformational Nature of Matter Part Two: Fluidity and Light, will be presented in the Notes from the Light October 2016.

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