Notes from the Light - July 2016

The Spiritual Tenacity of Humankind - Part Two: Soul and Power

It was mentioned in our previous message (see The Spiritual Tenacity of Humankind, Part One, June 2016) that each individual’s soul is the expression of the God-Source wishing to demonstrate Truth to the outer world. Through spiritual dedication and the employment of an individual’s gifts, the outside world offers your people new possibilities of being, by emphasizing the loving, creative genius of the individual soul—this expression of and within God. The more the inhabitants upon your planet realize that they can “practice” working with their soul, the more rapidly the world around them will be uplifted.

Let us present this example. When you were a small child, you picked up a ball and threw it to a parent or friend. This ball was large and heavy and asked much concentration, skill and effort on your part to send it over. However, with practice you began to realize that throwing the ball wasn’t so difficult after all. It simply meant that you had to spend time becoming familiar with the ball, understanding how to pick it up, feeling it and sending it on its way. After a while effort diminished. Through concentration and dedication, you were successful in your endeavour.

We can speak of the soul in the same manner. Become familiar with your soul. How is this done? In the quiet, feel the nature of the soul by allowing the Divine Spirit to fill you up with love and goodness. The soul is submersed in this Holy Spirit for it is this Spirit which is both a part of the individual and the whole. Sense your deep bonding to this love knowing that it is here where you truly live. It is here you experience Truth which states that you are a divine soul pulsating within the perfection of the Creator.

Now that you are cultivating the home place of your divine nature—your soul—a great power arises from within you.This power comes from the depths of your sacredness and its purpose is to guide you to a way of life based on your soul—this place of perfect Love. As this power surges up from deep within, allow it to expand and to meld with the feeling of Truth and your inner divine core creating a place of harmony, unity and significant force.

Let us illustrate these concepts with the following example. Imagine that you have not seen the sun for many days. Finally, as it shines through the clouds you suddenly realize that your entire physical, emotional and mental systems are revitalized. You have a sense of resurrection as a feeling of empowerment pours through you and an energy of revival penetrates you. This example demonstrates the spiritual power and the wholeness you sense in allowing your soul to open up within you and to flood you with Truth.

Within this power of the soul lies the wondrous quality of tenacity. This is the quality which pushes you to remain on the upward path of Spirit, no matter the movement in your outer world. Amplify this tenacity by creating thoughts and actions which fully illustrate your dedication to Truth. Allow the possible confusion surrounding you to melt away; remain within the infinite expression of holiness and power and live from this position. There are storms to be weathered and waves to be stilled upon your planet, yet in employing your tenacity for all that is good you will overcome this chaos. Truly you will dissolve confusion within your world.

The people upon your good earth have an intrinsic awareness that they are of a divine order. An increased planetary realization of this outpouring of spiritual consciousness is assisting in the awakening of many in all lands. Hence, we ask you to contemplate the following: how close are you to your soul? How well do you communicate with your inner holiness and realize that you are a precious part of a great and sacred Whole? Will you cultivate the tremendous energy of inner tenacity to move into the outer world and illustrate, practise and become the example of Truth as a pure soul of the Creator? Will you join forces with the multitude of noble people upon, within and beyond your earth to create a great power of Truth indicating to your entire planet the presence of elevated life founded on the perfection of Divine Unity?

It is to be remembered that all vibrates within the infinite love and intelligence of the one sacred Whole. This has always been and will be so forever.

Regiena Heringa


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