Notes from the Light - June 2016

The Spiritual Tenacity of Humankind - Part One: Truth and Love

There lies within every human upon your earth an energy of spiritual tenacity—this environment of tremendous power which illustrates both courage and conviction. When there is a melding of tenacity to Truth a “super human” is born. How is this so?

Truth is the expression of the soul, which, in turn, is the expression of God within an individual. Thus individuals are anchored in this holy Source through their soul, the home of divine language—vibration and resonance. Truth is found in the all-encompassing God-Creator- Spirit which embues all materiality. Every utterance of your soul which is directed entirely from within to without communicates Truth to your outer world. Hence, every move you initiate, be that of thought, feeling or action which is based on the expression of your soul, is a direct flow-though of spiritual articulation into the material world.

What then is the basis of your soul’s expression?

Love. This is so, for the substance of Spirit is Love, the foundation of all life. The individual's soul bathes in Spirit and consequently expresses the outpouring of this Spirit into your world. Hence, fine people of this transforming planet, each moment you incarnate Love by being and expressing Love within your physical world, you become the embodiment of Truth. We ask you, therefore, to continue to lead lives which illustrate Love by showing kindness, generosity, compassion, encouragement, understanding and wise and creative initiatives.

How can this be done?

The inhabitants of your planet carry within themselves gifts to assist in living Truth. These treasures are found within the expanded minds and hearts of your people and you are now being directed to accept, develop and employ these gifts for the betterment of all your nations. It is in Truth that you are being asked at this present time to become all-inclusive thinkers of high thought, employing your gifts through Love to offer communal, planetary and universal service.

However, kindly remember that should you harbour rigid boundaries of mind and heart, you may experience resistance from within. This is so, for the nature of your soul will strive to move through this resistance to position itself as the bearer of Truth. This circumstance may be called “duality” for the essence of your struggles upon this earth is one between Truth and falsehood. However, we assure you that in following the pure and sacred vibrations of your soul, perfect and whole within the vibration of the Creator, you remain on the path of Truth and automatically become the light bearers of your world.

This continual choosing of Truth as a deliberate act of being and doing, initiates a great power which surges up from within your gracious selves. This power, rooted in divine frequency, now fastens itself to an increasingly world-wide power—spiritual tenacity. This force of intensely sacred vibration and reverberation is being witnessed throughout the universe. We observe this wondrous movement upon your planet and we are grateful for your participation.

Part Two of The Spiritual Tenacity of Humankind will be presented in Notes from the Light July 2016.

Regiena Heringa


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