Notes from the Light - January 2016

Holographic Insertion and Discernment - Part Two

As noted previously, (see Notes from the Light December 2015) it is to be understood by the citizens of your earth that there is a natural intersecting of worlds and dimensions which, in their passing, insert and modify certain holograms in your world. This action coincides with the heightening of human consciousness as it moves towards its birthplace of divine consciousness. The more developed the loving heart and the kind mind, the greater the opening towards more inclusive worlds and communities.

It was also stated that at this time upon your planet, among such multi-dimensional and multi-universal activities, there is the insertion of technological holograms from those upon your earth who boast distorted leadership.

How then can discernment be practised?

All pure, clear and true vibration stems from the place of sacredness which, in your material world, can best be experienced through sensing. Sacredness, being positioned in Love, houses a piercing and untainted vibration. In all that may be manipulated upon your earth, the vibration of pure heart cannot be touched. The frequency of this pure heart, melded with a refined and noble mind, houses an electromagnetic resonance whose specific patterns are embedded in wider and higher frequencies than those found upon your planet. This resonance, therefore, can modify or eliminate the movement of any misaligned frequency that journeys towards it.

Hence, as you continue your travels upon the sacred path of spiritual advancement, we ask to you contemplate the following questions: “In my daily life do I discern all things through the feeling of the divine heart? And in so doing, do I continue to enrich a fine mind which celebrates the heart? Can I cultivate and augment this divine frequency and become a pure and powerful force of good, expanding and deepening these electromagnetic patterns, linking in with other communities of goodness and thus help uplift our world?”

As you look up into the skies, gaze upon your earth, or look into its seas, remain steady in your heart and mind. Feel that you, as soul, are filled with a tremendous grace which will increase its presence as you augment the power of your sacred heart and hence cultivate healthy discernment in your daily life.

Although your people may ask which holographic projection come from divinely directed sources and which is created by those on your earth, kindly understand that all outer life is projection. The substantial meaning of your lives is to thoroughly comprehend that all existence originates within the soul. Once this has been understood, then your citizens may elect to align all outer life, including holographic insertions, from this standpoint. Through the resonance of pure heart and noble mind, they will easily choose those outer projections which resonate in perfect alignment with sacredness.

In truth, Light cannot be manipulated. It is perfect, powerful and eternal and beckons all your citizens upwards to greater life.

Regiena Heringa


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