Notes from the Light - December 2015

Holographic Insertion and Discernment - Part One

As you are well aware, there are a multitude of dimensions and universes whose frequencies lie close to your material world and others who vibrate in less dense physicality. Hence, some of these creations vibrate in resonance to your world and others vibrate in harmonic frequencies and patterns which are divergent from your world.

Among your planet and others, lie dimensions and oscillating regions which pulsate not only at a distinct frequency, but in a different manner. Many of these vibrational locations cannot be detected by your instruments at this time. To discover such a magnitude of intelligence and vibration would at present create overwhelming waves of confusion within your emotional systems and your intellectual capabilities.

Kindly understand that we do not diminish your way of being and thinking. It is to be remembered, gentle people of this planet, that there is a great need for your citizens to comprehend the following: the furtherance of exceptional scientific discovery can only be made once your world has understood that all life in all dimensions, physical and non-physical vibrates within its home of unconditional love, fellowship and sharing. The deeper the peace upon your world, the greater the opportunity for growth and expansion in all facets of your societies and the more significant the help from the stars.

Let us speak of the nature of vibrating matter in your material reality and examine how discernment is best practised.

For eons of your time, there has been the insertion of holograms from one reality into another. You may think that all which constructs your world originates within itself. But this is not entirely so. As you are beginning to witness, there is as increase in the insertion of other time frames, other objects, ideas, depths, widths and lengths which are sliding into your physical world, affecting it and continuing on. These insertions of other vibratory elements are directly connected to the elevation of human consciousness as it moves towards a purer expression of divinity. More and more individuals upon your earth are slipping in and out of earth time becoming invisible, and reappearing. Many of your citizens are experiencing exquisite language of colour, sounds, and forms which they cannot describe in human terms.

This movement of inter-dimensionality and inter-universality is a natural occurrence and many residents upon your planet are travelling upwards towards significant openings, greater melding and exceptional gatherings of friendship. There is a direct link between the insertion of divinely guided holographic projections from other realities into your physicality and the voluntary spiritual advancement of your citizens. It is to be remembered that anomalies are presented to you for your observation, learning and progress.

It must also be understood that trickery is afoot in your world. The insertion of other realities upon your planet is also being performed by those of your earth who boast a leadership of disarray. However, these holographic insertions are filled with technology and not with divine essence—this quintessence of sacred, infinite and immortal life.

End of Part One.

Part Two of Holographic Insertion and Discernment will be presented in January 2016.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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