Notes from the Light - February 2015

Part Two - Layers and Patterns

In our previous message we spoke of the truth that your world, your physical bodies and your very minds are layered and function in patterns. As your planet refines itself, moving from a heavier layer to a lighter one, it begins to consciously encounter other worlds and dimensions. As it raises itself up, your world continues to respect its individuality and that of your inhabitants, while also happily recognizing its membership within a greater society. Thus you are gathered up into the arms of a vaster collection of worlds which demonstrates paraphysical, inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional properties and which offers these same properties to you and your earth.

More and more of your inhabitants realize that the refinement of their senses is experienced through their stance as sacred creations. Kindly understand that as the human senses are transformed into a finer vibrational pattern, there is an elevation of these senses. The thought patterns you create in a third-dimensional world are limited to your personal events. As you move through the layers of physical senses and experiences, you arrive at higher resonating patterns which lie beyond your particular world. In your refinement, you let go of restrictive personal experiences and come forth as noteworthy individuals wanting to share more and more with others. You begin to shift from an insular position to a more comprehensive one, realizing that the more you expand your minds and hearts, the more you increase your desire to serve others. This is true for the citizens upon your earth and for your world itself.

All is in expansion: the mind, the senses, the heart, your entire material dimension. Hence, as inhabitants of this fine planet you are naturally evolving with it. No matter the shadows that you presently observe falling upon your earth, expansion continues to intensify for the natural flow of life is to advance from the lesser to the greater. Yet throughout this planetary upliftment, all life remains eternally connected to the whole of existence.

Let us illustrate these truths to you.

Imagine that you are standing in a warm body of water. As you look up at the sky, its blue colour is reflected upon the surface of the water. As you look down, you observe a part your physical body above the water’s surface and another part below it. Underneath the water, you see the sand at your feet. We ask you now to contemplate the following: the reflection of the sky in the water creates a divergent reality. Your part of the body in the water is at variance with the part of your body above the water. The water and the sand have been altered by the presence of your body. However, despite these variables, all elements are connected to a whole. In this example, the whole can be considered as the third-dimensional world composed of water, sky, body and sand.

Hence we invite you to consider the following: there is a layering and intermingling of your world with other worlds and dimensions. These encounters will continue and increase so that you and your earth, while retaining uniqueness, may be uplifted and united with remarkable societies. In choosing, by your own free will to experience such events, you can enjoy this elevated existence. Through the use of your gifts of heightened perception you will delight in seeing, sensing, touching, hearing and detecting the wondrous scents, music, forms and colours of breath-taking worlds of revered light, love and intelligence.

Therefore, we ask you to become more aware of your many living patterns found in your minds, hearts and bodies. Understand that you have many layers within yourself and as you voyage through them, you encounter the sacred essence wherein you dwell. It is to be remembered, however, that this holy essence which dwells within you also permeates all layers and patterns of existence everywhere, for no thing lives in isolation. We request that you view each and every aspect of life, visible and invisible, with the same reverence as you view your own, for all existence dwells as a pure and perfect point within the Heart of the great Divine One.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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