Notes from the Light - January 2015

Part One - Layers and Patterns

We ask you to consider the underlying structures found in your daily living.

In your world, a layering and patterned effect to life can be observed. You think one thought, create another and continue onwards in linear fashion. However, you may also create a central thought and modify it through additional thought patterns. In this way, you begin to layer your thinking by introducing a thought pattern into the other. Thus mental patterns move in and out of themselves to create new arrangements. This activity refreshes your mind and stimulates innate creative genius.

By using your gifts, you may also observe this environment of layers and patterns in dimensions which overlap and traverse your very own world.

There is presently an increased meeting of various dimensions and cosmic patterns. As your planet moves into a vaster expression of Spirit to radiate a greater freedom, it naturally begins to shed its densest layers. Therefore, your world is beginning to house a lighter, more transparent and clearer vibrational pattern.

Your people have many gifts which can be used to not only detect these shiftings but to be actively involved in this planetary upliftment. How is this possible?

It is to be remembered that there is a perfect reflection between the microscopic and the macroscopic worlds. Within the physical senses that you enjoy upon your planet, lie the more refined senses which are layered and patterned within you. Let us explain.

All elements within your physical bodies can be heightened and refined if you so wish it. The colours and patterns perceived by your human eyes can be uplifted to detect and enjoy greater light, colour and patterns which vibrate beyond your third-dimensional world. The music you presently enjoy through your physical ear can be beautified a hundred-fold by adjusting your hearing to a celestial vibration which resonates all around you and which, indeed, impregnates the very air that you breathe. Your physical senses can be adjusted, refined and transformed into more comprehensive and majestic experiences. This is so, for all the fine attributes of planetary systems, consciousness and universes meld into one exquisite point of perfection which is secured deeply within the Creator’s Heart.

Since all your physical senses can be honed and their refinement activated by your innate gifts, you ask: “If this is so, why do I not see through dimensions? Why do I not hear the angelic music of the spheres or see beings of great light?”

There are two elements to consider in answering this questions: your relationship to yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

We invite you to reflect upon the following; if you wish to live in holy patterns, then you are asked to contemplate the extent of your commitment to living the divine model. If your commitment is genuine, your physical senses will naturally elevate to greet these marvellous vibrational spheres. If you acknowledge that your external world is a true reflection of your inner sacred self, you spontaneously fashion a harmonic bridge between the two. In truth, you create a fluidity, a continuum, which naturally enhances and raises your physical senses.

It is to be remembered that your world is refining itself and asks that you accompany it on its journey.

End of Part One.

Layers and Patterns Part Two will be presented in February 2015

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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