Notes from the Light - March 2014

Codes and Patterns of Holy Energy (Part Two)

Previously, in the Notes from the Light from January 2014, we spoke of the radiance of holy energy patterns being sent to all individuals upon your planet. Through this radiance, your people are invited to open up and, with the elevated use of free will, embrace these patterns so that a greater expansion of heart and mind is experienced and altruistic, miraculous actions can be enjoyed. In truth, what seems as miraculous upon your earth is simply the perfect alignment of life to God life.

Let us then continue.

All physical matter incorporates movement, whether it be circular, spiral, or linear, flowing or pulsating. The material world, which includes your thoughts and your bodies, is in constant motion creating certain rhythmic patterns. To your scientists, these minute particles are both predictable and unpredictable, visible and vanishing. Yet these particles are always visible and predictable.

Let us explain.

Because you observe an object disappear and suddenly reappear may seem odd in your third-dimensional world. However, there is a greater realm beyond your own which can welcome the vibrating particle voyaging from your reality, and encourage this particle to leave an echo of its existence before returning to your world. It is to be remembered that creation is a continuum composed of various realities, echoes and reverberations. Thus the resonance of your material world vibrates and influences other spheres and universes. What is seemingly chaotic is, in truth, perfectly ordered. It is also to be remembered that the more expansive you perceive your reality, the greater your impulse to express inclusiveness in your societies.

The God Particle assures that every living reality, whether upon your own earth, within your system or beyond your dimension is contained within Its essence. Every living thing is vectored by its own God Particle to the God Particle essence. As your reality expands through the scientific endeavours of your world, and, more importantly, through your deepening spiritual expression, there is a heightened motivation for your inhabitants to realign their sacred beings to the essence God Particle. Therefore, the holy energy of codes and patterns which continues to magnify and to inspire your world citizens, also encourages this conscious, spiritual and physical linking to the Creator at both individual and collective levels.

Let us then present this summary.

The fountainhead of all living matter is the God Particle. It is found within all cells and is eternally linked to the essence God Particle. This fusion exists also beyond your dimension and beyond the release of the physical body which you term as “death.” The codes and patterns embedded within this refined spiritual energy now permeating your world, can be acknowledged by the use of your free will and harmonized through the surrendering of the personal self to the spiritual self. These codes and patterns assist you to consciously find the God Particle within the body. They invite you to align yourself to all that exudes sacredness— ideas, words, actions and gifts which inspire “miracle”. These fundamentals lie within you and yearn to be activated.

In a manner of speaking, you are being given a “boost”. Imagine for a moment that you are fond of the fragrance of roses as it is conducive to your inner peace. Envision now that you are transported to a garden wherein grows thousands of finely scented roses. Surely this experience augments your feeling of well-being! So it is with the wondrous holy energies which presently suffuse your sphere. All goodness within you is being intensified, thus strengthening the spiritual reshaping of your world. Hence, allow yourselves the liberty and the happiness to sit quietly in dialogue with your soul and your Creator so that a noble friendship is cultivated. Appreciate and employ your gifts with the full realization that they are being enhanced for the joyous benefit of all peoples, yours and ours.

We embrace you.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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