Notes from the Light - January 2014

Codes and Patterns of Holy Energy (Part One)

In previous messages we have spoken on the importance of the shining God Particle found in all cells of physical matter, reminding humanity of its essence and origin as Light of the Creator. Through the proper use of free will, individuals, communities and nations can together fuse this God Particle, to strengthen the upliftment of the physical and mental forms, demonstrating thereby, greater Love, wider mind and more comprehensive scientific, technological, and artistic achievements.

Let us then expand these views to you.

As you well know, all individuals upon your earth carry within their physical bodies certain codes which disclose information of a psychological and physiological order. There is a belief in your world that these codes are predetermined, binding individuals to them. At times this is true, but not always. The genetic tendency of a individual may present him or her with the awareness of a possibility to decide whether to translate this genetic probability into a third-dimensional reality or not. As you progress in your scientific research, you begin to witness that your machines are performing tasks of genetic modification which you may also perform individually through the lifting up of the human mind to the Divine mind, shifting, therefore, attention from the personal self to the universal and sacred higher Christ Self.

We approach this subject today for presently upon your earth there is an outpouring of spiritual essence—perceived by your inhabitants as cosmic, holy energy—which continues to imbue all living matter with joy, oneness, spiritual resolve and Christ action. This celestial energy is radiating from within the very essence of the God Particle which lies far beyond all life and dimensions as understood by the people on your world. This universal radiance is specifically coded to each human being so that it can be absorbed in the best possible manner. Although your instruments can observe and register this holy energy, the decoding of this marvellous influx is the sole responsibility of the individual. You are reminded that all beings possess the gift of free will. Hence the action to decode is dependant on the person’s desire to do so.

What then is this decoding?

It is the unravelling of sacred patterns that lie deep within you. Once these patterns have been inwardly perceived by the human being, they automatically extend themselves outwards and inwards to receive the corresponding patterns being sent from the divine universe of the God Particle. The absorption of such vast and perfect codes of correspondence will magnify your understanding, love, and appreciation of your planet and the universe. Consequently, you will move into joyful action by employing gift and creating miracle to restore a more refined frequency of living in your world.

How can I than place myself in harmony with this sacred, universal energy you may ask?

The most efficient manner to decode is through the surrendering of the self to its inner spiritual environment. In so doing, you are relinquishing a tight, personal world view and opening up to the God realization that all life is precious, based on and impregnated with unconditional Love. With this understanding, you forge a spiritual space for connection and decoding.

It is of paramount importance at this time upon your planet that humanity embrace its Divine Creator by recognizing that all people are sacred creations of unlimited possibility.

Kindly remember that you are the flower which turns towards the sun and brings hope and realization to humankind.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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