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Commander Valiant Thor
Photo taken by August C. Roberts


Valiant Thor is an immortal who resides inside the planet Venus. He is the commander of Victor One, a spaceship presently stationed on the ground near Lake Mead, Nevada, and he heads the Council of Twelve in Venus.

In March of 1957 Valiant Thor landed in a small craft in Alexandria, Virginia and subsequently met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Vice-President Richard Nixon and Chiefs of Staff. The Commander was offered a three-year furnished apartment at the Pentagon.

The purpose of Valiant Thor’s visit was to help the earth’s family to lead lives based on spiritual principles which ensure wholesome progress in all fields of endeavour including health, economics, scientific and technological advancement, justice, education and governance. Although his aid was refused by the American government, to this day Valiant Thor and his complement continue to give assistance to the people of Earth.

In December 1959 Dr. Stranges met Commander Valiant Thor and they enjoyed a fine friendship until Dr. Stranges’ passing in November 2008.

Details of this encounter can be found in Dr. Frank E. Stranges’ book Stranger at the Pentagon. The book is also available in Spanish under the title : Un Extraterrestre en el Pentágono.

Dr. Stranges also wrote a two-part in-depth description of Valiant Thor which can be found by clicking here: Part One and Part Two

A short film entitled Stranger at the Pentagon has recently been made.

Information, Prayers and Teachings

Before his passing, Dr. Stranges requested that this web site carry the teachings, prayers and information given to humanity by Valiant Thor. The book Outwitting Tomorrow originally written by Commander Thor and re-introduced some years ago, contains many of teachings including The Ring of Fire Prayers, available in several languages, and The Teaching of the Five-Pointed Star of Life.

Dr. Stranges wrote a monthly newsletter entitled The Interspace Link where he shared news with subscribers on space and spirituality. Valiant Thor would often share his wisdom and knowledge in this newsletter. Dr. Stranges also lead bi-annual meetings of the Inner Circle where members received written information on Dr. Stranges’ many meetings with Commander Valiant Thor and his people. Information on these teachings can be found here.


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