Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Writing Out Exercise

In order to clear out and stabilize the emotional body it is advisable to do the writing out exercise. When you have negative ideas and emotions which are in turmoil and block your spiritual growth this exercise becomes important.

Find yourself a quiet corner and, with pen and paper, begin to rapidly write down everything that comes to your mind and heart. Do not think about what you are writing and do not be alarmed if what you have written is very negative. Just let all the emotions and thoughts flow out onto the paper. Time yourself so that you do not spend more than 15 minutes per sitting at this exercise. When you have finished do not re- read what you have written but destroy the paper. It is vital that you do not re-read what you have written so that you don’t re-program the same negative emotions. When you have completed this exercise a wonderful feeling of peace and freedom will come over you.

This writing out exercise contributes to the trilogy of grounded spiritual living. It complements the teachings of the Star of Life and ensures that your daily meditation and prayers have their roots in love, harmony and expansion.

For more information on the writing out exercise and the Star of Life please refer to the book: Outwitting Tomorrow by Dr. Stranges and Commander Valiant Thor.


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